1972 Presidential Election

Video: Four More Years

Level: Middle, High school
Subject:Government/politics, History, Media studies, Social studies/science

Date: 1972
Duration: 62 minutes
The video takes the viewer on a up close and personal view of the 1972 GOP Convention in Miami Beach, focusing on the Nixon Youth and on the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Produced in a guerrilla style of journalism, the interviews and footage are very candid.

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Teaching Tools

Discussion questions


  • Review with students the background on Richard Nixon and the Vietnam War
  • Review the background on political process (e.g. presidential primaries and the purpose of party conventions)

Note: Questions are arranged based on when they occur in the video

Post-screening questions

  1. What do the young Nixon supporters object to in the newspaper article?
  2. What kind of things do the young Nixon supporters do?
  3. What are some of the things Nixonettes do? How did girls become Nixonettes?
  4. What claim does Tricia Nixon make about young people and president Nixon?
  5. Why did Ron Kovic join the Marine Corps?
  6. How did his views change when he went to Vietnam?
  7. What does Kovic say about Nixon and the war in Vietnam?
  8. What are the Vietnam Veterans Against the War protesting?
  9. What do the women watching the protest say and think about the protestors?
  10. Why don’t they agree with the protestors?
  11. In what ways to they fear the protestors?
  12. What other opinions about the protestors are expressed by observers?
  13. Do you think most Americans shared the views of the protesters or the spectators?
  14. How do the delegates react to the protestors?

General Questions

  1. Why do people support a candidate?
  2. Why do young people choose to help with a campaign?
  3. How do the two groups (supporters and protestors) feel about each other?
  4. How different are the two groups’ opinions of Nixon?
  5. Do you agree with or feel empathy for any of the people interviewed or taped?


  1. Pick a recent candidate and make a poster or video in support of that candidate.
  2. Interview someone about their political views. Take notes or record the interview and then discuss the results of interviews in class as a group.

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