Youth in the Inner City

Video: Ambassadors of Cabrini

Level: Middle, High school, University
Subject: History, Social studies/science
Date: 1983
Duration: 27 minutes
The video follows a number of members of the Jesse White Tumblers and looks at their life on the gymnastics team and their lives in the Cabrini Green housing projects.

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Teaching Tools

Discussion questions

  1. How do you think the tumblers feel about their lives?
  2. The tumblers talk about many obstacles that they face almost every day. Which one do you think is the biggest obstacle?
  3. What did you think about the goals the tumblers had for the next five years. Were these realistic?


  1. Create a list of obstacles the tumblers face while growing up at Cabrini Green. Have students create a personal ranking of the obstacles(no more than 5) from greatest(1) to less(5). Students will then bring their ranking to a group and repeat the process. The groups will then come together as a class and repeat the process.

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