New Videos

  • David Van Tieghem

    Sample Reel: Pulse TV & Legacy of Los Alamos

    A sample reel of clips from Pulse TV and from the documentary Legacy of Los Alamos.

  • Susan Milano in An Introduction to the Sony Portapak and Camera

    Guerrilla Television Screening Night

    The opening event of the symposium Guerrilla Television: The Revolutions of Early Independent Video, which took place in the University of Chicago’s Film Studies Center April 19-21, 2024. This screening on Friday, April 19, features clips and short videos from the 1970s, with introductions by the individual artists, scholars, and curators.

  • Guerrilla Television Symposium panel 3: Women’s Video Cultures

    Compared to film, video was cheap and easy to learn. And unlike the film and TV industries, there was no entrenched hierarchy that kept out women, queer people, and BIPOC. Video quickly became central to a growing network of feminist videomakers and collectives dedicated to encouraging, sharing, and celebrating the work of women. This panel focuses on women video producers and the culture of festivals, videoletters, and video exchanges that arose during the 1970s. Panelists: Eleanor Boyer, videomaker and director, Loop YWCA’s Women’s Video Project, Chicago; Deirdre Boyle, professor emerita of media studies at The New School and author of Subject to Change: Guerrilla Television Revisited; Tracy Fitz and Barbara Jabaily, videomakers, founding members of L.O.V.E. (Lesbians Organized for Video Experience), now known as LoveTapesCollective; Julie Gustafson, videomaker and co-director of Global Village; Susan Milano, videomaker and co-founder of the Women’s Video Festival.

  • Guerrilla Television Symposium panel 2: Video Meets Art

    The histories of video tend to separate the gallery artists using video – Nam June Paik, Bruce Nauman, Vito Acconci – from a larger, documentary-based independent television movement. But the worlds of “video art” and “Guerrilla Television” were never entirely distinct. This panel explores the exchanges and crossings between independent, community-based videomaking and the gallery.

    Moderator: Tom Colley, director, Video Data Bank. Panelists: Pat Lehman, videomaker and educator; Joan Logue, artist and video portraitist; Dan Sandin, artist and designer, Professor Emeritus in the School of Art & Design at the University of Illinois Chicago; Steve Seid, retired curator of the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive and author of Radical Light: Alternative Film & Video in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1945-2000, Ant Farm 1968-1978, and Media Burn: Ant Farm and the Making of An Image; Barbara Sykes, video artist and former professor at Columbia College Chicago.

  • Guerrilla Television Symposium panel 1: Video Activism

    The Portapak allowed for a new approach to political image-making, in which videotape became central to activist efforts. The camera recorded protests and speeches; it was used by feminist collectives to share information about women’s health and abortion; it recorded landlord neglect and other abuses of power. The video camera inspired organization and action, and connected activists all over the country. This panel explores the range of video activism in the 1970s, and its legacy 50 years later.

    Moderator: Tara Merenda Nelson, curator and director of public programs, Visual Studies Workshop. Panelists: DeeDee Halleck, media activist and co-founder of Paper Tiger Television and Deep Dish TV Network, author of Hand-Held Visions: The Uses of Community Media; Judy Hoffman, filmmaker and Professor Emeritus of practice in the Department of Cinema of Media Studies at the University of Chicago; Mona Jimenez, former Professor and Associate Director of the Moving Image Archiving Program at New York University and co-editor of The Emergence of Video Processing Tools: Television Becoming Unglued; Gordon Quinn, filmmaker and co-founder of Kartemquin Films; Mirko Popadic, media activist and member of Communications for Change.

  • Ann Volkes

    Women’s Video Festival promos

    Promotional videos for the second Women’s Video Festival, which took place at The Kitchen in New York City from Sept. 28-Oct. 14, 1973.

  • The Stepsisters

    [The Stepsisters – Rehearsal]

    A rehearsal for the vocal group The Stepsisters, featuring Peggy Sendars, Micki French, Maudit Brigante, Jordy Mark, and videomaker Susan Milano, recorded December 10, 1973.

  • Lilitheatre Collective

    San Francisco Area Videoletter

    A videoletter from San Francisco featuring interviews with elderly women about the Great Depression and footage of a performance by the Lilitheatre Collective.

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