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  • Bill Veeck’s Exploding Scoreboard

    Bill Veeck’s Exploding Scoreboard

    A Media Burn video is featured in “The Day in Baseball History,” an NBC Sports site. In this piece, Bill Veeck – creator of the iconic Wrigley Field manual scoreboard – recounts his unveiling of the world’s first EXPLODING SCOREBOARD at Comiskey Park, home of the White Sox, 60 years ago today. This footage comes from a 1984 episode of Time Out, the Emmy-winning Chicago sports commentary and documentary program. Produced by Tom Weinberg with Joel Cohen and Jamie Ceaser, it … Continue reading

  • A sunny day, Italian ice, and the old neighborhood: Ben Hollis on “stoop talk”

    A sunny day, Italian ice, and the old neighborhood: Ben Hollis on “stoop talk”

    Almost everywhere in the world, we are building new routines that keep us in a very limited geographic orbit. But, we are still finding ways to connect with friends, family, and neighbors. People are spending more time on porches, balconies, and yards chatting, singing, eating, and dancing with whoever passes by. In many ways, we are becoming friendlier than ever before. In this 1995 video, Chicago favorite Ben Hollis hangs out with residents of Taylor Street as they sit on … Continue reading

  • The Organic Theater Company of Chicago

    0:22 Credits, followed by a text crawl explaining the mission of the company. 1:02 Excerpt from The Bleacher Bums; Joe Mantegna, Dennis Frantz and others perform. 2:30 The voice of Stuart Gordon is heard over the performance; he explains, to an interviewer, the rapport that has developed between the players in the Organic Theater, and the degree to which this has allowed the company to put on original work. 3:16 Another scene from Bleacher Bums, featuring Williams. 3:54 In an … Continue reading

  • Stuart Gordon 1947-2020

    Stuart Gordon 1947-2020

    Stuart Gordon has died. In most of the obituaries you will read today, he will be largely (and justifiably) remembered for his film work. He came out of the gate with a classic in Re-Animator (1985), which was the first of many features he made for Charles Band’s Empire Pictures (rebranded as Full Moon Entertainment). If none of the follow-ups can quite claim to have caught the debut’s lightning in a bottle, each nevertheless brought to the screen a combination … Continue reading

  • Ed Paschke: The Artist Behind the Mask

    The WTTW Journal documentary on Chicago artist Ed Paschke. Host Marty Robinson and narrator Ken Nordine explore the contrasts and contradictions of Ed Paschke’s life. Continue reading

  • “Here is A Man Who Stood Up”: An Afternoon With Ed Paschke

    “Here is A Man Who Stood Up”: An Afternoon With Ed Paschke

    A Chicago Lost and Found event hosted by Paul Durica, with Jamie Ceaser, Jason Nargis, and Tom Palazzolo in person! Sunday, March 8th, 2020 3:00-5:00pm Ed Paschke Art Center 5415 W Higgins Ave, Chicago, IL 60630 Free, but RSVPs already full! “Here Is a Man Who Stood Up” is an immersive experience that uses archival objects, never-before-seen footage, and one-time-only re-stagings to animate the life and work of lifelong Chicago artist Ed Paschke. Paschke (1939-2004) was known for his dark version … Continue reading

  • O

    From the “Chicago-Scope: The Films of Tom Palazzolo, 1967–1976” catalogue: “One of Tom Palazzolo’s first films, this inspired in part by René Clair’s 1924 film starring Francis Picabia, Entr’acte. O’s use of double exposure, free association and improvisation, chiaroscuro, and a nonsensical “musique concrète” soundtrack pay homage to these masters of Dada and Surrealism.” Continue reading

  • A Chorus for the Young at Heart

    A Chorus for the Young at Heart

    Archival videos shine light on everyday human qualities. Here are two short ones from Media Burn that portray the kind of couples we all know—they’ve been together forever. They know the good things in life. The first is by Maxi Cohen in 1991 on the Jersey shore where her family lived. They appeared on Episode 304 of The 90’s. The second couple, the Falkenburgs, lived in a Chicago seniors’ apartment building a few blocks from Wrigley Field. Footage is taken … Continue reading