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  • Las Vegas Tapes Revised

    Las Vegas Tapes Revised

    00:06 Man in restaurant talks to videomaker Scott Jacobs about videotape techniques. 00:51 Titles. Assorted clips of people and places in Las Vegas. One woman says, “I came in a Cadillac, and now I’m going back on the Greyhound Bus.” Other people talk about their wins and losses. 2:31 Man talks about why people go to Vegas. He attributes it to tourism, relief from tension, and the lights, “but here is one thing I would li… Continue reading

  • Video News Intersection Sampler

    …ey each work. The women then tells us about the different departments in the building and gives us a peek into how City Hall works. “Patronage workers work their ass off – trust me – it’s the civil service workers who sit on their ass” By Nick Despota and Scott Jacobs. 11:14 Inside Spring Training 1978. Audio very quiet even though levels look good. White Sox player Thad Bosley practices batting. 13:00 End of tape…. Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0021

    Image Union, episode 0021

    …organization’s efforts to keep housing managed and maintained. 25:11 “Continued to Death” by Scott Jacobs, Tony Medici, and Mirko Popadic. B&W video. Another short documentary about Organization of the Northeast (ONE), a community group fighting Chicago’s ineffective housing court to keep affordable housing in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, a neighborhood giving way to rapid gentrification. 31:02 Image Union end… Continue reading

  • Pop Video Test: Chicago Video Art, part 2

    Pop Video Test: Chicago Video Art, part 2

    01:12 “Video Weavings” by Steve Beck. This segment explores the analogy between weaving and the construction of a television image, featuring colorful and dynamic patterns. 10:41 “Seven Second Interval” by Catherine DeJong, Richard Mandeberg, Kaja Overstreet. This segment feature silhouettes and outlines of people dancing. 22:46 “Cetacean” by Phil Morton, Chip Dodsworth, Barry Brosch. This segment simulates wa… Continue reading

  • Pop Video Test: Chicago Video Art, part 1

    Pop Video Test: Chicago Video Art, part 1

    01:30 Title slides mark the beginning of “Trilogy,” music by Keith Jarrett. Through the tape interference, a silhouetted visual plays. 04:15 “Trilogy” ends and “Weightless” begins. A similar silhouette visual accompanies it. 05:48 “Weightless” ends and “Rhythms” begins. Again, a similar visual plays. This visual incorporates more color than previous ones. 09:28 “Rhythms” ends, and a more elaborate title slide, for “Spiral 4 A.C.M.” plays. It not… Continue reading

  • Pop Video Test: Potpourri, parts 1 and 2

    Pop Video Test: Potpourri, parts 1 and 2

    0:00 Pop Video Series graphics 0:34 The Wizard by Lillian Somersaulter. 1:00 Animated story about a wizard who makes mischief by ruining the pies of women in town or turning people into animals. 8:25 Greetings from Lanesville, home of the world’s smallest TV station. The home of the Ginsbergs, where a cousin from the Soviet Union is visiting. The family speaks in Russian and then decide to watch Lanesville TV. We then see the program they… Continue reading

  • Pop Video Test: Chicago Video Art, part 1

    “The Pop Video Test” was a joint effort between Scott Jacobs and Tom Weinberg of the Chicago Editing Center, and the Video Group of the Bell and Howell Corporation. This cooperative effort between the independent video community and a corporate video distributor was intended to test the viability of the home video market. The videomakers assembled ten hours of video pieces meant as an alternative to available pre-recorded programming (ie Hollywood movies). Fifty VCR owners in the Chicago area agreed to examine and review the tapes. Test viewers then received the programming two hours at a time, in groupings labeled Video Art, Documentary, Entertainment, and Potpourri…. Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0525

    Image Union, episode 0525

    …berg plays Lishman’s catatonic husband, Marvin. 3:35 “Jane Byrne Election Night.” Produced by Scott Jacobs for “The Video News” with Cindy Neal and Lily Ollinger. [Note: This version of “Jane Byrne Election Night” was re-edited by Image Union for this episode. For the official director’s cut, visit: https://vimeo.com/139883277] We follow Jane Byrne on February 27, 1979 at the Ambassador Hotel. Byrne… Continue reading


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