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  • Image Union, episode 0537

    Image Union, episode 0537

    00:00 Title and count-in, followed by Image Union opening. 01:14 The Barking Gecko Video Review (Not for Chowderheads) by Roger Bain. This is a collection of music videos and comedy sketches. 01:53 The first music video features a song about a man who wakes up with orange hair. 05:04 A sketch about two not-very-bright individuals who wish to join “the fast-paced world of advertising.” 07:52 The sketch transitions into a song about a… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0533

    Image Union, episode 0533

    0:00 Image Union opening. 1:04 “Falklands” by E & C Media. Music video for Chicago radio DJ Steve Dahl, Gary Maier, and the band Teenage Radiation. 5:07 “Studio B” by Brian Thomas. Animated film with the “Naif-Song” by Plastic Bertrand for a soundtrack. 7:50 “Koko Taylor: Queen of the Blues” by Patricia Hemmingway-Seale. Documentary about the legendary blues singer featuring a live performance… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 617

    Image Union, episode 617

    00:53 “Animus” by Gary Schwartz. Color animation. 05:43 “Get Ready to March” by Chip Lord. Color video. Footage of President Reagan watching a parade set to parade music. A title card informs us that Reagan cut NEA funding while raising funding for military bands. 07:07 “Between Earth and Sky” by Mark Stanley. Color video. A lyrical piece shot on a carnival ride. 11:05 “Melodies of Love” by City Vi… Continue reading

  • Image union, episode 0615: Pop Goose

    Image union, episode 0615: Pop Goose

    0:00 Image Union opening. 01:02 “Mi General” by Robert Skiles. Color video. A dance spectacular that takes place in a pool hall. 05:36 “Father’s Day” by Gaylon Emerzian. An angry wife confronts her cheating husband in the presence of their daughter. 20:51 “Commercial Parody” by Brad Sherman. B&W film A commercial parody. 21:40 “Train of Thought” by Chel White & Michel Le Blanc Color a… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0626

    Image Union, episode 0626

    00:00 Image Union opening. 00:58 “Information Withheld” by Juan Downey. Color video. An experimental documentary that explores signs and symbols around the world. Different styles and art works from ancient paintings to cultural ceremonies are analyzed. 29:27 Image Union end credits…. Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0625

    Image Union, episode 0625

    00:25 Image Union opening. 01:09 “East Meets West” by Paul Gray. Color video. A film that documents the dissolution of old world customs with the rise of the high tech pop culture in Japan. 05:18 “Major Tom (Coming home)” by John Stevenson and David Liston. Color film. The Peter Schilling song giving the film it’s title is played over stock NASA footage of space launches, moon landings, etc. 09:31 “Mess Aroun… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 1123

    Image Union, episode 1123

    00:00 Image Union opening 00:54 “Anger” by Maxi Cohen and Joel Gold. Color video. An engrossing look at a dysfunctional couple in an excerpt from a documentary about anger. 08:13 “The Ball Bearers” by Julie Zammarchi. Color animation. 19:00 “Crossing With the Light: A Poetry Video” by Marsha V. Morgan. Urban night images with poetry voice-over. 22:55 “Atomic Dreams” by Teri Yarbrow. Woman has frigh… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0414

    Image Union, episode 0414

    0:00 Image Union opening. 1:15 “TV” by Robert Medich. Processed images from famous Hollywood films and television. Lots of Elvis. Music by The Flying Lizards. 5:33 “George Talking Straight” by Jean de Segonzac and Marian Marzynski. Color film starring George McEwen as himself. George shows us around his town and talks about his two major hobbies, drinking and watching the Chicago Bears. He picks up his unemployment check,… Continue reading


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