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  • [Wired In 6 minute video demo]

    [Wired In 6 minute video demo]

    0:00 Color bars and Wired In titles. 0:22 Open on futuristic scene. Men shift through rubble and find varieties of old electronics. 0:39 Bill Murray introduces “Wired In”: “Watch out! Here comes Wired In” and titles. 1:03 Bill Murray does riff on technology: watches, robots, etc. 1:35 Jamie (Jay) Fenton, game designer, works on a game she’s creating. She talks about trying to create an addictive device. She talks ab… Continue reading

  • [Wired In 16 minute video demo]

    [Wired In 16 minute video demo]

    00:00 Title screen. 00:33 Cut to the Bill Murray intro for the program. 00:55 Fade into a segment featuring Lily Tomlin giving a Pac Man PSA. 01:39 Cut to the video game excerpt. We see footage from inside an arcade, hear a few words about video games from Bally/Midway Programmer Jamie (Jay) Fenton, and spend time with a family playing Atari. Arcade owner Silver Sue talks about the much needed exposure people are getting to computers through arc… Continue reading

  • [Weinberg’s Short History of Camcorder Journalism]

    …ski in Washington DC. Rostenkowski gives speech. Then we have interview with him in an office. He talks about being Daley’s right hand man. Pulaski Park. We see the area where Rostenkowski grew up. 20:47 Bill Murray introduces “Wired In.” 21:10 Lily Tomlin talks about her trials as a Pac-Man addict. 21:55 Wired In excerpt #1: Video Games. Woman talks about the rising phenomenon of video games. Jamie (Jay) Fenton, game designer,… Continue reading

  • [Chicago Channel Promo]

    [Chicago Channel Promo]

    …e Victory Gardens, Organic Theater, Steppenwolf Theater, and many more. 4:13 Mary Gross, George Wendt, Tim Kazurinsky perform in a comedy pilot called  “2+ 1.” 6:04 Talking animals. Stop motion doll story. 6:50 Clip about arcade games  from “Wired In.” Sliver Sue, arcade owner talks. Jamie (Jay) Fenton, game designer, demonstrates a new game. 7:41 Excerpt from “Ambassadors of Cabrini.” Documentary about the Jes… Continue reading


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