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  • [TVTV Goes to the Super Bowl comedy outtakes]

    [TVTV Goes to the Super Bowl comedy outtakes]

    00:00 This tape begins with a blue screen. 00:17 Bart Friedman and Christopher Guest on the football field. Friedman interviews a few nearby people on the field. 01:20 Cut to a shot of a GoodYear blimp flying over Dolphin Stadium. 02:05 Friedman and Guest hold a mock interview with one another about the production of the Super Bowl program “Black Sunday.” Guest pretends to be the publicist for the program. 04:51 Cut to a shot of Bill… Continue reading

  • [Media Burn outtakes]

    0:00 Assorted news coverage (extremely bad image quality). 9:55 Women sell souvenirs (Megan Williams?). 14:24 Interview with angry black cameraman. He is furious that the Optic Nerve crew is not affiliated with a commercial station. He says he is afraid of hippies because their actions lead to black people being killed. He thinks they might turn over their tape to the CIA, which will somehow lead to him being killed. He refuses to give his n… Continue reading

  • [Bill Veeck on Late Night with David Letterman]

    [Bill Veeck on Late Night with David Letterman]

    …documentary “Death in the West,” produced in 1976, about the dangers of cigarette smoking. Various outtakes needed in response to mis-speaks, wind, church bells, buses, car horns, the El. 6:40 Tom Weinberg doing the same introduction inside. Outtakes. 11:45 Static. 13:00 Beginning of Late Night with David Letterman. Applause. 13:20 Opening monologue. 16:10 Hall of Animal heroes. Includes a group of wolverines that keep a hypothermic… Continue reading

  • [Tba comedy pilot rough cut]

    [Tba comedy pilot rough cut]

    …ner about coming up with a newer pretentious-sounding menu. The two writers walk out and introduce a segment of outtakes from Soundstage. 18:50 Outtake from a Kris Kristofferson episode of Soundstage (joke). Joke about Kissinger (Mantegna) on next week’s Soundstage, an d another upcoming show with Adolf Hitler. 22:15 Outtake from a WTTW news show in which the producer tells the hosts that the ratings prove absolutely nobody is watching the… Continue reading

  • [Tom Waits interview in Carbondale 1979]

    [Tom Waits interview in Carbondale 1979]

    …They split up when I was about ten years old, and I become the man of the family…” 22:14 Interview ends. Ranstrom offers Waits the last bit of whiskey. 22:46 Credits. 23:20 Cut back to Waits and ROTH. Music is playing overhead. End of interview. 25:27 Cut to debate for mayor in Carbondale. General forum including utilities, railroad ordinances, commercial expansion, and the structure of government. 57:07 Audio production outtakes…. Continue reading

  • [Michael Zinzun – Office Interview 6/92]

    [Michael Zinzun – Office Interview 6/92]

    …of the debris. 1:36:28 Cut to Zinzun speaking in front of the debris of the bookstore and introducing his show. Outtakes of the description are interspersed with the full takes. A couple kids speak indistinctly to Zinzun. 1:39:58 Mabie Settlage interviews Zinzun in front of the burned building about organizing and protest that has been happening in the greater LA community. Zinzun talks about community opportunities and resolving injustices from… Continue reading


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