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  • [Golden Gloves on Nightwatch]

    First 6 minutes is Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show, thanking all the people behind the scenes who make the show happen, i.e. writers, crew, etc. Then 5 minutes of “Golden Gloves,” by Tom Weinberg and Scott Jacobs. It follows a young Chicago boxer.

    Then we get Gene Siskel commenting on the tape, which was just shown on Nightwatch. He basically just says that the boxer is still boxing and that Weinberg and Jacobs are involved with the newly formed Chicago Editing Center.

    Next we watch a tape called “Running the Marathon”, which presumably was another tape shown on Nightwatch. We interview one specific man about his marathon training experiences, then we go to the morning of the marathon and interview participants. A very nice, slow, personal piece along the lines of “Overnight Man.” We do not see the beginning or ending of this piece…. Continue reading

  • [Nuclear power plants]

    [Nuclear power plants]

    0:00 Audio of people sharing their opinions on nuclear power while the camera pans across power lines in a field. 1:02 “Dresden Nuclear Power Station, Morris, IL.” D.E. Bromley, the tour director, talks about the layout of the Dresden Power Station and shows Mike Gray and Don Johnson a miniature model of it. He explains that it is a historic place because it is “the first privately financed, commercially operated reactor for th… Continue reading

  • [The 90’s Election Specials raw: Aaron Freeman #1]

    [The 90’s Election Specials raw: Aaron Freeman #1]

    00:00 Tom Weinberg, Scott Jacobs, and other The 90’s colleagues prepare the equipment for the upcoming shoot. 02:47 Cut to footage from inside of a car. Weinberg, Pat Creadon, and Aaron Freeman are on their way to a barber shop on the west side of Chicago. Freeman recalls some of his memories of growing up in the area and talks about how the neighborhood has declined in recent years. Creadon captures footage of numerous run-down, graffiti-… Continue reading


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