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  • 4/15/21: Virtual Talks with Video Activists: “No Hop Sing, No Bruce Lee”

    4/15/21: Virtual Talks with Video Activists: “No Hop Sing, No Bruce Lee”

    On April 15th, 2021, join Media Burn and VDB for a live-only screening of No Hop Sing, No Bruce Lee with director Janice Tanaka and co-director David Gallardo, moderated by Stephen Gong. Continue reading

  • In Memory of Dion Payton (1950 – 2021)

    In Memory of Dion Payton (1950 – 2021)

    On March 12, legendary Chicago blues musician Dion Payton passed away. In an obituary for the Chicago Sun Times, Zac Clingenpeel writes that Payton’s “style, talent and personality inspired many musicians.” With his signature Gibson Les Paul 25/50 Anniversary Edition, Payton entertained Chicago crowds with crisp and climbing blues riffs for over three decades.  With his 43rd Street Blues Band, Payton played regular gigs at Kingston Mines as well as the Checkerboard Lounge. Skeptical of the big business of music and dubious … Continue reading

  • 4/1/21: Virtual Talks with Video Activists: “Walk With Frank”

    4/1/21: Virtual Talks with Video Activists: “Walk With Frank”

    On April 1st, 2021, Media Burn presented a screening of excerpts from the upcoming film Walk with Frank. Frank Romero and filmmakers Ryan and Matt Mayers joined a conversation moderated by Yana Khashper.
    Continue reading

  • 3/26/21: THE VASULKA EFFECT virtual Q&A

    3/26/21: THE VASULKA EFFECT virtual Q&A

    On Friday, March 26 the Gene Siskel Film Center hosted a virtual Q&A for THE VASULKA EFFECT (2020, Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdóttir, Iceland/Czech Republic, 87 mins), a documentary portraying the life and work of pioneers of video art Steina and Woody Vasulka. The Q&A featured director Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdóttir, electronic art pioneer Dan Sandin, and Media Burn Archive executive director Sara Chapman. The conversation was be moderated by Amy Beste, director of public programs and senior lecturer in the department of film, video, new media, and animation at the School of … Continue reading

  • In Memory of Roger Mudd (1928 – 2021)

    In Memory of Roger Mudd (1928 – 2021)

    For three decades, Roger Mudd epitomized network TV news. It is difficult now, in an age saturated with media personalities, to imagine just how influential anchors like Mudd were in their time. Serving as a primary face of news networks from CBS to PBS, Mudd played a crucial role in shaping the political consciousness of the US from the 1960s to the 1980s. Working alongside such noteworthy anchormen as Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, and Tom Brokaw, Mudd addressed viewers with … Continue reading

  • Beyond Beijing: The International Women’s Movement

    Beyond Beijing: The International Women’s Movement

    From August 30 to September 15, 1995, two parallel events took place in China: the NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) Forum on Women in Huairou, and the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing. Feminist videomaker and educator Salome Chasnoff documented the Forum through the perspective of a group of Chicago-based grassroots activists and other women who attended the Forum. Continue reading

  • Your Social Life

    Your Social Life

    A Girls! Action! Media! Project. Your Social Life is a 20-minute educational docudrama about the latest issues facing youth – cyber-bullying, sexting and online abuse. Produced and written by youth for youth, the film features interviews with diverse young people at several points along the cyber-bullying spectrum: cyber-bullies, targets, allies, accessories and passive onlookers. It also offers insights from key adults working with high school students about the consequences of digital abuse often disregarded by youth until it’s too late. Using accurate information rather than fear to move viewers, Your Social Life engages with entertaining dramatizations depicting typical burn page and sexting scenarios. Continue reading

  • What We Leave Behind

    What We Leave Behind

    In 1999, Beyondmedia began working with 42 recently released women at Grace House in Chicago. After participating in a media production workshop these women produced an award-winning video, What We Leave Behind, to educate the public about some of the causes and effects of women’s incarceration. Over 200 groups nationwide now use this video as an organizing and educational tool and many former prisoners have developed as public speakers and advocates through facilitating audience discussions with screenings.

    Through Beyondmedia’s Women and Prison program, incarcerated women and girls, former prisoners and their families use media arts to voice their stories, promoting public dialogue, healing and community organizing. Since 1997, Beyondmedia has collaborated extensively with women and girls in prison and after their incarceration to create interdisciplinary, multimedia educational forums on women and prison. Continue reading

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