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  • [Boxing at Fuller Park]

    [Boxing at Fuller Park]

    Ben Hollis interviews boxers training at Fuller Park in Chicago at 46th and Princeton.

  • Wild Chicago, no. 413

    Wild Chicago, no. 413

    00:21 Production credits displayed. 00:41 Ad for the Illinois Lottery, a corporate sponsor of the program. 01:18 Clips of the episode’s subjects shown over carnivalesque music. A narrator briefly gives depictions of each. 01:43 Opening to Wild Chicago, montage of Ben Hollis’s introduction and fragmented clips of eclectic scenes across the Chicagoland area. 02:47 “Wild Workout.” Workout instructor “Roff” dials up high energy aerobic dance workouts at Club West in Oak Park, IL. The instructor is a registered nurse whose […]

  • Wild Chicago, no. 409

    Wild Chicago, no. 409

    Wild Chicago Episode #409. Host Ben Hollis visits a replica of King Tut’s tomb, a store that sells cookie jars, “Dave’s Down to Earth Rock Shop,” and a model train mogul.

  • Wild Chicago, no. 408

    Wild Chicago, no. 408

    Wild Chicago Episode #408. Ben Hollis visits the Illinois Institute of Technology to discover the latest synthesis of art and science, rides a speed boat on Lake Michigan, tours a gumball factory specializing in producing goop and slime, rides double-decker with the Chicago Motor Coach Company, and learns how to make wrought iron fences.

  • Wild Chicago, no. 407

    Wild Chicago, no. 407

    Wild Chicago Episode #407. Ben Hollis visits Disco bowling, the Connecticut School of Broadcasting formerly in Lombard, IL, the “Terra Cotta Kingdom,” the Cascade Drive-In, and the Old Town Aquarium.

  • Wild Chicago, no. 406

    Wild Chicago, no. 406

    Episode 406 of Wild Chicago. Smelt Dancing by the lake, a center for UFO studies, Rock ‘N Roll Tupperware party, the graveyard shift at Kinko’s Copies, and a visit to the CTA “love train.”

  • Wild Chicago, no. 405

    Wild Chicago, no. 405

    Episode 405 of Wild Chicago. Host Ben Hollis visits the studio session of a young rapper, a free speech society, sunbathers in Lincoln park (including a cameo of Stephen Colbert), a woman who has turned her house into an art museum, and Chicago’s own drag queen wrestling.

  • Wild Chicago, no. 404

    Wild Chicago, no. 404

    Episode 404 of Wild Chicago. Host Ben Hollis visits Magic Don Juan, a former pimp turned preacher, a mother-daughter duo of inventors, and an avant-garde dance theater troupe. One memorable segment of a sawmill on the south side of Chicago includes an aesthetic and stylistic nod to Twin Peaks.

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