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  • Image Union, episode 0024 and 0025

    Image Union, episode 0024 and 0025

    Two short shows. Image Union #24 (8/18/79) and #25 (8/25/79). From same 3/4″. Plus :35 promo. Works include “Chicago Blues” by Jim Passin and Nancy Grosse and “Four Women Over 80” by Sandra May Greenberg.

  • Image Union, episode 0211

    Image Union, episode 0211

    This episode of Image Union is a remake of Image Union #1. See http://mediaburn.org/video/image-union-episode-1/.

  • Image Union, episode 0001

    Image Union, episode 0001

    Hour long compilation episode of Image Union featuring “TV Magic Ballots” by Nate Herman and Warren Leming, “Assassins” with Joe Mantegna and Jack Wallace, “Chicago Blues” by Jim Passin and Nancy Grosse, work from Jane Veeder, excerpts from “Now We Live On Clifton” by Kartemquin Films, stopmotion animation, an interview by “My Sister’s Cutting Room” during a dog’s birthday party, and “The Bums” by Scott Jacobs and Valjean McLenighan 1976.

    The second half of the episode features “Electronic Masks” by Barbara Sykes, an excerpt from “Paper Roses” by Maxi Cohen and Joel Gold, and “Television Delivers People” by Richard Serra and Carlota Fay Schoolman.

  • Image Union, episode 0004: People And Their Music

    Image Union, episode 0004: People And Their Music

    Compilation episode of Image Union called “People and Their Music,” featuring a documentary about fiddlers by Victoria Hamburg, Dana Hodgdon, and John Peaslee, “Celebrating Fifty Years of Tamburitza Music” by Mirko Popadic and Gordana Trbuhovich Grasa, “Chicago Blues” by Jim Passin and Nancy Grosse, “It Ain’t City Music” by Tom Davenport, a tribute to Chicago blues by Raul Zaritsky, Jim Morrissette, and Linda Williams, “Music from the Heart” by Victoria Spivey, and “The Luckies” by Fred Colon.

  • Slices of Chicago

    Slices of Chicago

    Compilation tape highlighting the work of the members of the Chicago Area Videomakers Coalition. The group was formed in 1977 to formally bring together Chicago’s independent videomakers to create a higher profile and bring their work to the public. This tape was first broadcast on Channel 44 on June 18, 1977, based on a commitment from general manager Ed Morris. The production of this tape made it apparent that the most pressing need in the videomaking community was editing facilities. In 1978, aided by the visibility produced by the sampler tape, the Coalition opened the Chicago Editing Center, which provided low-cost editing facilities to the public on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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