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  • [Money – Thomas G. Ayers and Mary Ayers]

    [Money – Thomas G. Ayers and Mary Ayers]

    An interview with Thomas G. Ayers Chairman of the Board for Commonwealth Edison, and his wife Mary.

  • [HSA Strike Dub 2]

    [HSA Strike Dub 2]

    Raw footage for HSA Strike 1975. The strike began on October 27th, 1975, and lasted for 18 days—the longest and largest doctors’ strike in the US. The strike was organized by the Housestaff Association (HSA), a union of residents and interns. They were protesting against the working conditions and poor facilities at Cook County Hospital, Chicago’s only public hospital which mostly served the city’s poor and uninsured. In this tape, workers meet to discuss the strike and the future of Cook County Hospital. Also includes footage on the street during the strike.

  • [HSA Strike raw #6]

    [HSA Strike raw #6]

    Interviews with participants in a strike at the Cook Country Hospital, demanding a better contract as well as adequate equipment and facilities.

  • [BARTKYFEST / TAPE #1 / 2.15.02]

    [BARTKYFEST / TAPE #1 / 2.15.02]

  • [Athens Colin Powell Protests 2004 #1]

    [Athens Colin Powell Protests 2004 #1]

    Footage from a 2004 protest in Athens. Protesters gather in opposition to Colin Powell, the United States Secretary of State under the Bush regime, who had planned to attend the Athens Olympics, and the United States’ foreign policy in the Middle East.

  • Imbed This

    Imbed This

    Footage from a 2003 Chicago protest against the war in Iraq. Hoffman approaches police officers and reporters at the scene for comment, with varying degrees of success.

  • A Familiar Wilderness: Northwest Coast Salmon Fishing (John G. Shedd Oceanarium Special Exhibition Video)

    A Familiar Wilderness: Northwest Coast Salmon Fishing (John G. Shedd Oceanarium Special Exhibition Video)

    A Familiar Wilderness, a documentary commissioned for the opening of the Shedd Aquarium’s Oceanarium, documents an aboriginal fisherman, Roy Cranmer, fighting to preserve the ‘Namgis band’s historic fishing grounds and land of origin while protecting the vibrant ecosystems and salmon populations that have sustained the Pacific Northwest Coast region for centuries. Also known by the anglicized name Nimpkish, the ‘Namgis are part of the Kwakwaka’wakw (initially named the Kwakiut’l by Franz Boas) First Nation and have their homeland in what is now British Columbia, on the northern end of Vancouver Island. Hoffman has maintained a long relationship with the ‘Namgis band, having been adopted into the Cranmer family at the Cranmer potlatch in November 2017. This video was a collaborative effort with the First Nation people of Alert Bay, B.C., and continues to be shown there at the U’mista Cultural Centre.

  • Ishai Sagi: Not In My Name

    Ishai Sagi: Not In My Name

    Uncut tape of an interview with Ishai Sagi, a lieutenant in the Israeli army who was sentenced to twenty-six days in Israeli military prison for refusing to serve in Palestine. Sagi recounts his story, discussing the reasons for his refusal and his opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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