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  • The Whistling Show

    The Whistling Show

    Tape featuring performances and a few small interviews with contestants at the 1st International Whistle-Off in Carson City, Nevada. We learn that, oddly enough, whistling is actually a formally studied musical field. The contestants inform us that there are two types of professional whistling – classical and bird noises. Many whistlers earn money working for Disney doing bird noises for their movies, which are produced by human whistlers rather than recordings of birds. It is unclear what employment opportunities are present in the classical whistling industry. This profession seemed to involve whistling while accompanied by classical music on a tape recorder. In this tape, the primary focus is on the different whistling styles and the contest. Most of the tape is comprised of the performances at the event.

  • Image Union, episode 0207: The California View

    Image Union, episode 0207: The California View

    Compilation episode of Image Union featuring “Festival of the Saws” and “Ugly Dog Contest” by Skip Blumberg and Jules Backus, and “Autoparts” by Chip Lord and Phil Garner.

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