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  • Open Studio: People’s Wall

    Open Studio: People’s Wall

    A presentation of the documentary People’s Wall on KQED’s Open Studio, followed by an interview with one of the filmmakers. Peoples Wall’ is a a documentary about the mural “Our History Is No Mystery,” painted on the wall of John Adams Community College in San Francisco in 1976.

  • Nude/Etude


    Described by the filmmaker as “an abstract poetry film,” the camera moves over a nude female body covered in shadow and transformed through optical printing while voices recite poetic texts in English and Spanish.

  • One in a Million

    One in a Million

    A portrait of gun control activist Mary Leigh Blek, whose son was killed by gunfire, produced for the Million Mom March.

  • Crip-Trips


    Brief portraits of disabled individuals living independently. They discuss their everyday lives and the mistaken assumptions that able-bodied people make about how they live.

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