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  • [The 90’s raw: Ian Mitroff interview]

    [The 90’s raw: Ian Mitroff interview]

    This tape features raw footage for the award-winning TV series The 90’s. It features an interview with author and University of Southern California professor Ian Mitroff. Mitroff discusses television and its effect on politics and public discourse, saying, “TV has become a self-sealing universe… a culture. There’s too much garbage on TV but you can’t turn it off… how do you turn off a culture?” and “The kids have gotten the message in this society which is… ‘Say yes to consumption in endless amounts.’ That’s the real message, and that’s what TV is really about in this country. It’s tied to consumerism, not even entertainment… it’s all consumerism.” Commenting on the television news’ reliance on political sound bites: “If [Abraham Lincoln] were around today he would be reduced to ‘Read my lips: no more slavery.'”

  • This Is A Test

    This Is A Test

    Experimental program featuring the work of independent videomakers. Note: Timecodes may be uniformly off throughout this log, as they come from the log of the 3/4″ copy, which may not have the same program start time.

  • Friday Night on Channel 6 – Night Owl Show

    Friday Night on Channel 6 – Night Owl Show

    0:14 Count-in and titles for “Friday Night.”

  • Image Union, episode 0329

    Image Union, episode 0329

    Compilation episode of Image Union featuring the work of Ellen and Lynda Kahn, Max Almy, Norman Magdon and Tom Erickson, Richard Serra and Carlota Fay Schoolman, Jane Veeder, and Bart Friedman and Nancy Cain.

  • Best of CamNet II

    Best of CamNet II

    Best of CamNet, the Camcorder Network.

  • Night Owl Show

    Night Owl Show

    0:07 Channel 6 Woodstock TV Promo. 0:17 Frank Perino talks about plight of blind people. 0:40 Title: “The Night Owl Show” 1:00 Perino talks about the death of his seeing-eye dog and his difficulties getting a new dog from an organization for the blind. 3:10 Perino discusses what needs to be done to help the blind in America. He discusses his activities as a musician – singing on the subway in New York. He talks about how his life has […]

  • [The 90’s raw: Eddie Tape – Presidential election parties]

    [The 90’s raw: Eddie Tape – Presidential election parties]

    Videographer Eddie Becker documents various 1992 Presidential election parties in Washington, DC, including one at the home of Stewart Mott.

  • Image Union: Human Hair

    Image Union: Human Hair

    Image Union broadcast of “Human Hair.” Produced as part of the Chicago Editing Center’s Artist-in-Residence program, the tape is a loosely connected experimental piece that borders most often on documentary. Cain and Friedman reference important issues of the day, such as the gasoline shortage and the meltdown at Three Mile Island. The tone of the tape is very light and often humorous. Note: This version was taped off the air and begins with a promo for “Masterpiece Theatre.

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