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  • Image Union, episode 0020

    Image Union, episode 0020

    Compilation Image Union episode featuring “Miss East Side Chicago Beauty Contest” by Tom Palazzolo, “Steven and Joel” by Ken Solarz, and “Insights” by Nick Despota.

  • Image Union, episode 0220: Five Shorts

    Image Union, episode 0220: Five Shorts

    Compilation episode of Image Union featuring “Television Answer Man,” “Skippy Peanut Butter Jars” by Copper Giloth, “Campaign” by Tom Palazzolo, “Short Train Short” by Jeanne Meyers, Mark Cavanagh, and Tom McMahon, and “Russian Rag” by Joseph McGarry.

  • Marquette Park II

    Marquette Park II

    A documentary on a Neo-Nazi rally in Marquette Park, Chicago, on July 9, 1978 features footage from inside the Neo-Nazi headquarters in Chicago (led by Frank Collin) and protesters in Marquette Park. In the headquarters they discuss logistics, chit-chat, and organize themselves for the rally. In the park beforehand we see people gathering (both anti-Nazis and Neo-Nazis) and police organizing themselves for the rally. Filmed by Tom Palazzolo and Mark Rance.

  • Image Union, episode 0003

    Image Union, episode 0003

    Compilation episode of Image Union featuring “Cold Cows” by Franklin Miller, “Dr. John and Martha Faye” by David Obermeyer, “Christmas Morning in Sister Bay” by Dan Sandin, “The Santa Tapes” by Scott Jacobs, “Another Millionaire” by Tom Palazzolo, and “The Circus” by Jean Sousa.

  • Image Union, episode 0008

    Image Union, episode 0008

    Hour long compilation episode of Image Union featuring “Truthfully Speaking” by Dana Hogdon, “Ricky and Rocky” by Tom Palazzolo, “Movement in Black and White” by Les White, “Spouse Beater” by John Caldwell, “Tablatoons” by Roger Anderson, a segment from The Video News, “Dancing Grain” by Dan Curry, a segment from the TBA Comedy Show, and “35 Years” by Slawomir Kojro.

  • I Was A Zero In City 2000

    I Was A Zero In City 2000

    The story of Tom Palazzolo’s efforts to get his photographs included in the City 2000 exhibition, a show featuring images of Chicago from throughout that year. Palazzolo shoots events during the year 2000, such as Taste of Chicago, Maxwell Street, an AIDS bicycle ride, and other public festivals. Througout the tape we see his new photographs and some of his older ones.

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