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  • Studs’ Place: Jimmy Romano is Home – The Living City

    Studs’ Place: Jimmy Romano is Home – The Living City

    Studs’ Place (1951?) produced by Charlie Andrews. This episode is called “Jimmy Romano Is Home.” A neighborhood kid comes back from college on the East Coast and suffers embarrassment over his working class roots. Eventually he realizes the people in his neighborhood have more talent than he thought. Features musical performances by Chet Roble and Win Stracke. Followed by “The Living City” (1953). Instructional film dealing with urban problems such as how are existing slums to be eliminated, how to deal with congestion, etc. “How did our cities get this way?” “I was in bombed out cities in Europe in the war. And then I came back to Chicago to this.” We need to tear down the slums, and build up new affordable housing. Studs Terkel narrates.

  • Howdy Doody

    Two broadcasts feauring HOWDY, BUFFALO BOB, CLARABELL, ZIPPY THE CHIMP, other favorites.

  • The $64,000 Question – The Buick Berle Show

    The $64,000 Question – The Buick Berle Show

    The beginning of the tape features an episode of The $64,000 Question. Three returning players answer questions about Sherlock Holmes and the oceans in order to win money. The second half of the tape contains an episode of The Buick Berle Show. His special guests are Vic Damone, Jackie Cooper, Dagmar, and Denise Darcel who all express comedic dissatisfaction over the script for the show. Both programs are sure to draw a chuckle.

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