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  • Sam’s Cafe: A Media Inversion

    Sam’s Cafe: A Media Inversion

    This tape documents the activities of and media response to the Sam’s Cafe Three (David Schier, Marc Keyser, and Terri Keyser), a group that created several dramatic publicity stunts in order to demonstrate that the new way of protesting effectively should be by utilizing the media itself. The group sent out fake utility collection notices to 20,000 people in the Bay area with the return address of a local TV station and also sent excrement to local news media offices. Sam’s Cafe member Marc Keyser explains, “This is a work of art and it’s a sample of the inversion of mass media. Now this has begun and it stopped. Next time when the inversion of mass media begins, it will not stop.” It is an exciting and humorous look at a moment in time when the one-way flow of information through television was under heavy critique and the new technologies of portable video cameras and cable television seemed to offer an alternative.

  • Sample #2

    Sample #2

    A sample of early video image processing work by Steina and Woody Vasulka that were shown in their full versions at the Whitney Museum in 1971.

  • Harriet – King Cotton – Pelicans

    Harriet – King Cotton – Pelicans

    This tape consists of three short videos: “Harriet” by Nancy Cain, and “King Cotton” and “Pelicans” by Rita Ogden.

  • Tuli’s Montreal Revolt

    Tuli’s Montreal Revolt

    This tape features footage from a performance and rehearsal of Tuli Kupferberg’s Revolting Theatre. The performance footage was videotaped at McGill University in Montreal on March 5, 1971, while the rehearsal excerpts were taped throughout late 1969 and early 1970. The cast was Kupferberg; his best friend and collaborator, the late Lannes Kenfield (Aka “Lanny”); Tuli’s first son, Joey Sacks; Liz Reisner; Kupferberg’s wife Sylvia Topp; and Sandra Mobray Clarke, aka “Sandy Nisson.”

  • Aunt Cordi

    Aunt Cordi

    This tape features an interview with an elderly African-American woman referred to as Aunt Cordi. Cordi talks about her experience working as a midwife in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

  • Inflatables Illustrated

    Inflatables Illustrated

    Ant Farm promotes their ideas for inflatable living and demonstrates how to construct inflatables using basic materials.

  • Cape May Composite

    Cape May Composite

    This tape contains two pieces created for the weekly TV show “Are You There?” They focus on the environmental and political problems within the town of Cape May, New Jersey.

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