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  • La Neurosis Sobre Ruedas

    La Neurosis Sobre Ruedas

    A documentary essay about the psychological effects of Caracas’s reliance on cars and its traffic problems.

  • Open Studio: People’s Wall

    Open Studio: People’s Wall

    A presentation of the documentary People’s Wall on KQED’s Open Studio, followed by an interview with one of the filmmakers. Peoples Wall’ is a a documentary about the mural “Our History Is No Mystery,” painted on the wall of John Adams Community College in San Francisco in 1976.

  • Nude/Etude


    Described by the filmmaker as “an abstract poetry film,” the camera moves over a nude female body covered in shadow and transformed through optical printing while voices recite poetic texts in English and Spanish.

  • [Bicycle race at the Ed Rudolph Velodrome  in Northbrook, Illinois]

    [Bicycle race at the Ed Rudolph Velodrome in Northbrook, Illinois]

    This video was recorded at the Ed Rudolph Velodrome, in Northbrook, Illinois. On Thursday nights in the summer, the Velodrome used to attract top cyclists from the Midwest to weekly races, hosted by the Northbrook Cycle Committee. The expert commentator was Eddy Van Guyse.

  • Rugby Women

    Rugby Women

    By 1972, rugby football as an organized sport for women, was played at three universities in the U.S., including the University of Illinois. In 1977 the Lake Shore Ale-wives became the second women’s rugby team in Chicago. This video contains Interviews with the players, footage from practice sessions and scenes of their first home game. The women reflect on the problems they must overcome in playing a traditionally male sport and the benefits they derive from it.

  • Bonne Bell: 10,000 Meter Race For Women

    Bonne Bell: 10,000 Meter Race For Women

    This video documents Chicago’s first 6.2 mile race for women. Organized and hosted by the Loop Center YWCA in April,1978, it was billed as one of the largest, if not the largest, sporting event for women to that date. Over 2000 entrants completed the race. The tape vividly captures the excitement of women of all ages, races and economic status, many of whom were motivated to run by the desire to do something ‘just for themselves.’ Loop YWCA organizers, Sharon Mier and Erma Tranter appear in the tape as does then mayor of Chicago, Michael Bilandic.

  • [Electronic Masks]

    [Electronic Masks]

    Raw image processing footage used in the video Electronic Masks, created using the Sandin Image Processor.

  • The Crimson Bands of Cyttorak / Electronic Masks / Clowns

    The Crimson Bands of Cyttorak / Electronic Masks / Clowns

    This is a reel consisting of Barbara Sykes’ works “By the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak” (1978), “Electronic Masks” (1978), and “Clowns” made with the Sandin Image Processor.

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