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  • [Blue Monday compilation]

    [Blue Monday compilation]

    The Blue Monday Party is a weekly television show that features blues performances taped in The Sleeping Lady Café, a club in Fairfax, CA.

  • Uncharted Island: MacArthur State Park

    Uncharted Island: MacArthur State Park

    Documentary about the land donated by philanthropist John D. MacArthur to the state of Florida.

  • [Bill Veeck off-air]

    [Bill Veeck off-air]

    Tape of various raw footage from the “Making it in Hollywood” documentary, Bill Veeck off-air, and WBBM news coverage. Veeck talks about a Chicago White Sox comeback and not getting enough media coverage for the Chicago White Sox.

  • Bill Veeck’s Saloon, a sampler

    Bill Veeck’s Saloon, a sampler

    Sampler footage for the proposed TV series, “Bill Veeck’s Saloon.”

  • Pick Up Your Feet: The Double Dutch Show

    Pick Up Your Feet: The Double Dutch Show

    A sweet, interesting, and enjoyable documentary about a double dutch championship for junior high age kids in New York. The tape featured mainly local kids from Manhattan and the boroughs, but the event drew an international crowd to the Lincoln Center on 6/13/81. We spend time with the teams as they practice and compete and hear about how they train and how they feel about their sport. The tape manages to simultaneously capture all of the tension of the competition and give a personal look at a number of the teams. Blumberg manages to catch the participants at their most raw and emotional moments, like when a 10 (?) year old girl is sobbing uncontrollably like she had just lost a family member. Blumberg asks her what place her team got. They were #1.

  • Danger Man

    Documentary about successful folk/blues/bluegrass/rock musician David Bromberg’s final tour with his 11-piece band, which he broke up in order fulfill his dream of becoming a violinmaker. Most of the documentary is spent watching Bromberg and his band perform. There is some interview footage with Bromberg and his band members in between performances.

  • Steel Mill 2

    Raw footage from Studs Terkel at the Steel Mill by The Public Interest Video Network. Terkel interviews steel mill workers about Reagan’s policies (“What does Ronald Reagan mean to you?”) and the low level of employment at the mill. Also b-roll of the plant.

  • Rostenkowski: The Man And The Power

    Rostenkowski: The Man And The Power

    This is an early fifteen minute sampler for the documentary “Rostenkowski,” a portrait of House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, a powerful figure in Chicago (and national) politics. The tape is full of anecdotes relating to the particular style of politics in Chicago and the man himself. This revealing tape shows us the phone calls, handshakes, and political deals that run this country.

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