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  • [Ilinois political candidate ads 1979-1982 by Don Rose]

    [Ilinois political candidate ads 1979-1982 by Don Rose]

    Illinois political candidate advertisements from 1979 – 1982. Candidates include Jane Byrne for Mayor, Jim Edgar for Secretary of State, Neil Hartigan for Attorney General, Bernard Carey for Cook County State’s Attorney, Seymour Simon for Illinois Supreme Court, and an ad for a team of lawyers running for Illinois Appellate Court.

  • [Wired In 6 minute video demo]

    [Wired In 6 minute video demo]

    The tape features a demo for the television show “Wired In.” While the program never actually came to fruition, the footage and demos put together are an interesting look into the the technological trends and innovations of the 1980s.

  • Royko At The Goat

    Royko At The Goat

    “Royko at The Goat” by Scott Jacobs and Lilly Ollinger. A relaxed conversation with legendary columnist Mike Royko at the Billy Goat Tavern in Chicago in July 1982. Royko shares some of his greatest memories playing sixteen inch softball with a group of friends over beers and burgers.

  • Chris Bliss performing The Rock

    Chris Bliss performing The Rock

    0:24 Title: Chris Bliss. A Concert For Your Eyes. Performing “The Rock” from “Quadrophenia” by The Who. 0:55 Juggling performance with image heavily processed set to “The Rock.” Briefly cuts out in the middle. 7:45 End credits.

  • Las Vegas: Last Oasis In America

    Las Vegas: Last Oasis In America

    Video portrait of Las Vegas in the late 1970s.

  • NOVA: Miracle Of Birth

    Educational program detailing the human birth process.

  • [Classic TV commercials]

    0:00 Volkswagen sedan. Claymation of King Kong on Empire State Building, snatching planes. Stops car in NYC street, looks under hood, plays with automatic transmission. “Big enough for just about everyone.” 1:05 Jeno’s Pizza Rolls. Nice dinner party, butlers serve pizza rolls with much success. A masked man. Everyone toasts. 2:05 Brainstorming meeting at an ad agency, discussing a campaign for shoes. “The Shoes Say it All.” 2:55 “Fantastic Country”, a compilation country album for sale. Samples of each song […]

  • [Bill Veeck interviews Ray Grebey]

    [Bill Veeck interviews Ray Grebey]

    Bill Veeck interviews MLB Owners’ Negotiator Ray Grebey about the recent financial troubles in franchise ownership. The tape opens to a shot of Ted Turner getting into his car at TBS headquarters in Atlanta (b-roll from an interview on a previous tape) then moves to the interview, which takes place in Florida. Raw footage for A View From The Bleachers With Bill Veeck.

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