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  • [Bernard Epton interview]

    [Bernard Epton interview]

    Tom Weinberg interviews Bernard Epton, Republican Chicago mayoral candidate whose campaign against Harold Washington became controversial when his television commercials were perceived (correctly so) as racist attacks on Washington. He talks about his controversial slogans and commercials. After the Epton interview, at 11:43, there is raw footage from an interview with Milton Rakove for “Vito Marzullo.”

  • Chicago Boys

    Chicago Boys

    In 1973, after dramatic political upheaval in Chile, the “Chicago Boys,” led by University of Chicago economics professor Milton Friedman, were given the chance to rebuild the country’s economy. They opted to turn Chile into an experiment with absolute free markets. This documentary examines the poor state of the country ten years afterwards.

  • [Wired In segment pulls 1]

    [Wired In segment pulls 1]

    The tape features segment pulls for the television show “Wired In.” While the program never actually came to fruition, the footage and demos put together are an interesting look into the the technological trends and innovations of the 1980s.

  • [Bill Veeck with Ray Greybey]

    [Bill Veeck with Ray Greybey]

    Tape has Ray Grebey, the owners’ negotiator for the ’81 MLB strike, and Bill Veeck discussing players associations, money in sports, Chicago in general, and a few off-the-cuff remarks about Marvin Miller.

  • [NASA Tapes Pioneer 10…beyond the solar system : NASA ’s E.T.]

    0:00 Color bars and tone.

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