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  • [Selects from Daley]

    [Selects from Daley]

    This video features segments from a documentary about Richard J. Daley, the 48th Mayor of Chicago, entitled “Daley.” In the video, we learn about Daley’s upbringing, his rise to the mayoral office, and his influence in both Chicago and national politics.

  • Veeck Montage edit #2

    Veeck Montage edit #2

    Edited montage of various Veeck interviews, shows, and promotional highlights.

  • New Dance

    New Dance

    Compilation tape of various dance pieces produced by Skip Blumberg in 1986.

  • [Charlie Finley interview rough cut] – [1986 Old Timers’ Game]

    [Charlie Finley interview rough cut] – [1986 Old Timers’ Game]

    This tape features interview segments with former Oakland A’s owner Charlie Finley. In the interview, Finley talks about his time spent in Oakland and some of the trials and tribulations that came with the ownership. This tape also features clips from the 1969 Chicago Cubs’ Old Timers’ Game against the ’69 New York Mets in 1986. The game is held at the Cubs’ spring training facility in Phoenix, Arizona. 

  • [Once a Star : Robyn Smith, Celebrity Billiards]

    [Once a Star : Robyn Smith, Celebrity Billiards]

    This tape contains raw footage for the 1986 television special “Once A Star.” This video includes an interview with female jockey Robyn Smith and a short clip from an episode of Celebrity Billiards from 1968.

  • [Once a Star : 1986 Old Timers’ Game clips]

    [Once a Star : 1986 Old Timers’ Game clips]

    This tape is a collection of clips from the 1986 Old Timers’ Game between the ’69 Chicago Cubs and the ’69 New York Mets. In the footage, we see both the Cubs and Mets players make some great plays and some terrible errors. Harry Caray does commentary for the game.

  • [Veeck history narration and edit]

    [Veeck history narration and edit]

    This tape features a few takes of a brief history of Bill Veeck’s early life and career. The narrator attempts the reading twice, and on the third time, successfully narrates the introduction over video scenes from Veeck’s life. Recorded for “Veeck: A Man For Any Season.”

  • [Veeck baseball clips]

    [Veeck baseball clips]

    Footage of baseball highlights and highlights of Bill Veeck’s career, including many of his famous promotional stunts.

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