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  • [Once a Star raw: Phoenix, Arizona #1]

    [Once a Star raw: Phoenix, Arizona #1]

    This tape features raw footage shot for the television series “Once A Star.” The tape covers a banquet held for the 1969 Chicago Cubs and New York Mets. The two teams were participating in a “Dream Game” in Phoenix, AZ in 1986.

  • The Best of Bill Veeck

    The Best of Bill Veeck

    This video features a compilation of baseball hall of famer Bill Veeck in a number of different conversations and interviews. Highlights include his commentaries on “Time Out!,” a Chicago sports television show that aired in the early ’80s, his interviews with Reggie Jackson, Rick Sutcliffe, and Ted Turner, interviews of Veeck himself in Wrigley Field and displaying his wonderful, colorful, and wise commentary about sports and life.

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