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  • Image Union, episode 1009

    Image Union, episode 1009

    Two part episode of Image Union featuring “AIDS: Questions and Answers” by The Community TV Network and “America: A Cocaine Addicted Society” by Brian Soifer.

  • Image Union, episode 1008

    Image Union, episode 1008

    00:00 Slate. 00:26 Image Union opening. 01:16 “Chic A Go Go” by Henriette Chardak. Color film. A poetic and largely dialogue-free documentary about Chicago set to music from the 1950″s and 1960’s. Many areas and attractions around Chicago are featured, including: The “Rock ‘n Roll” McDonald’s, a tattoo shop, Maxwell Street Market, Ritz Hotel, and the Illinois Center (current State of Illinois Building/Thompson Center), 24:52 Image Union end credits.

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