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  • Secret Video Game Tricks, Codes And Strategies, Vol. 2

    For Nintendo-compatible games. Members of the U.S. National Video Game Team show tricks and preview new games. Interesting only for the few seconds where you get to see the team members and laugh at them. Also potentially interesting for people who want to watch others play video games from 1989 and/or learn tricks for those games.

  • Newsdogs

    Self-described as an experiment in which a group of improvisational actors play different roles as a news crew covering the days news. Mixes real footage with improv acting.

  • Hemp For Victory

    This is a video produced by H.E.M.P. (Help Eliminate Marijuana Prohibition), a political action group, which showcases Hemp For Victory, a 1942 film produced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in which American farmers are encouraged to grow hemp for the war effort. The USDA film is bookended by commentary from Jack Herer, H.E.M.P.’s founder/spokesman, who espouses on the many uses of hemp, and asks for money. While Herer provides much useful information, some of his claims seem quite dubious; especially his assertion that marijuana users will live an average of one year longer than non-marijuana users. Herer also outlines the U.S. government’s long denial and recent confirmation of the existence of the 1942 film.

  • [Maxi Cohen’s birth control survey]

    The first 40 minutes is home videos with Maxi Cohen’s nephews performing for the camera. After that, the tape consists of a birth control survey, where Cohen interviews friends about which birth control methods they employ.

  • Radio Faces #1

    Radio Faces #1

    A program following several Chicago radio personalities and examining the business of radio in Chicago. The program contains footage of the personalities at work (both on the air and off the air) and follows some of them during their time outside of work. Other people interviewed include various station managers and executives and Chicago radio critic, Robert Feder. Some personalities featured include: WGN ‘s Bob Collins, WGCI’s Tom Joyner, WBEZ’s Dick Buckley, WXRT’s Terri Hemmert, WLUP’s Steve Dahl, Garry Meier, Kevin Matthews, and Jonathon Brandmeier.

  • [The 90’s raw : Panama – John Dinges – Erika presentation]

    [The 90’s raw : Panama – John Dinges – Erika presentation]

    Raw tape for The 90’s. There are three sections to this tape: U.S. military intervention in Panama, a very in-depth discussion with Panama expert John Dinges on Manuel Noriega (and a possible cover-up in Noriega’s case), and a screening of footage of Erika Becker talking about cerebral palsy for preschool children.

  • [German television documentary on Chicago] – Studs Terkel interviews

    [German television documentary on Chicago] – Studs Terkel interviews

    The first part of this video is a German television-produced piece on the city of Chicago. Studs Terkel is briefly featured. The program is completely dubbed in German. There is also a raw interview with Terkel that plays after the program and an interview between Terkel and author Kurt Vonnegut.

  • The 90’s, episode 102

    The 90’s, episode 102

    Episode 102 of the award-winning series The 90’s. This episode features the following segments:

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