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  • [Camcorder Tonight: Jody Procter #2]

    00:00 New York City cabbie Robert Demella says “If it’s not easy, if it’s not fast junk food for the mind, you don’t want to hear about it.” 01:15 News reporter Ed Rabel practices his speech over and over again. 02:00 News reporter Ed Rabel does report on NBC. 02:29 Jody Procter introduces the show. He talks to his producer about the tape of the cabbie. “I’d start walkin’ to work.” Procter: “I think TV needs enemies.” 04:50 Nancy Cain … Continue reading

  • Leonard Aaronson and Anne Keegan

    Leonard Aaronson and Anne Keegan

    Pilot for a show called “Camcorder Tonight.” This tape featured a test of having the people who submitted the videos be the hosts. For this test, Leonard Aronson and Anne Keegan show videos they shot in Cambodia and Vietnam, at times narrating over the video. The tapes provide an unfiltered look at the results of war in these two places. They visit a former school which had been a prison under the Pol Pot regime, guided by a woman who lost nearly every member of her extended family during that time; a thousand-year old temple in Vietnam which had been buried under the jungle until the late 19th century, and was in the process of being reclaimed by the jungle yet again; and a network of underground tunnels used during the Vietnam War. Continue reading

  • [Camcorder Tonight: Judy Markey with Tom and Joel intro]

    00:00 Shot of Joel and Tom, Intro title (no sound). 00:22 Joel and Tom introduce show. Tom: “Let’s start over.” 00:39 Joel and Tom talk about “Camcorder Tonight,” an alternative use of the camcorder, as opposed to “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and disaster news. Joel: “Let’s start over.”  02:49 Another bad take. 03:00 Joel and Tom introduce “Camcorder Tonight”. “It takes the video revolution one step further.” Tom messes up. 04:00 Joel and Tom introduce “Camcorder Tonight.” Tom introduces … Continue reading