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  • Ben Loves Chicago 9713

    Ben Loves Chicago 9713

    Episode of Ben Loves Chicago. Ben visits a computer entertainment center, a young Frank Sinatra impersonator, the House of Blues, and a warehouse store. Continue reading

  • Ben Loves Chicago 9712

    Ben Loves Chicago 9712

    0:00 Color bars. Episode information screen.  0:39 Ben Loves Chicago opening.  1:20 Ben watched the Loveabulls dance squad for the Chicago Bulls. He talks to the director and choreographer. He talks to some of the dancers about their other jobs and why they like dancing. Some footage of them dancing. He walks through their locker room.  4:53 Ben visits the Tropicana, a boxing club for men and women. Footage of people fighting. Ben talks to some of the people that … Continue reading

  • [Ch. 5 News, 5/1/97, 5/5/97]

    [Ch. 5 News, 5/1/97, 5/5/97]

    Two recordings of the WMAQ-Chicago news from May 1997, including Carol Marin’s final broadcast. Continue reading