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  • Interviews With Interviewers… About Interviewing (2003 edit)

    Interviews With Interviewers… About Interviewing (2003 edit)

    This tape features a 2003 edit of “Interviews With Interviewers… About Interviewing” by Skip Blumberg. High profile interviewers Mike Wallace, Barbara Walters, Studs Terkel, and Susan Stamberg talk about their own specific interviewing styles, the complexities of the interview process, and why they do what they do. We also hear from psychoanalyst Dr. Joel Kovel and police interrogator Sean Grennan about their skills as interviewers and how they interact with interview subjects. Blumberg gets very honest responses (a tribute to his own interviewing skills) and manages to provide a fascinating look at why we like interviews, how they differ from normal conversations, and the psychological impact on both parties.

  • Come out and play.

    A promotional video for Chicago Park District advertising programs, some new, some existing, at various Chicago Parks in September 2003. Divided into seven segments, each featuring a different park district program. Each segment is made up of narration over video and still photos of the various programs and parks that are featured.

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