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  • Tele Visions

    Tele Visions from Autumn of 1976, featuring an article on Five Day Bicycle Race, a documentary on the Democratic National Convention, by the collective Image Union.

  • Miami Directory

    A press release giving useful phone numbers for places in the Miami area during Super Bowl X, including the City of Miami, hotels, caterers, etc.

  • Player Compensation Memo

    A sheet put out by the NFL explaining player compensation for Super Bowl X and postseason games.

  • Dallas Cowboys Quik Fact Sheet

    Dallas Cowboys Quik Fact Sheet

  • TVTV Super Bowl X memo

    Memo by John Walsh about coverage of Super Bowl X by TVTV. Walsh talks about typical journalistic coverage, what to expect, advertising, the major network coverage, and the schedule.

  • Notes on crew division for Five Day Bicycle Race

    An internal document describing how The Image Union will divide into four crews to cover the 1976 New York Democratic National Convention.

  • Proposal for Five Day Bicycle Race

    Proposal seeking funding for Five Day Bicycle Race, live coverage of the 1976 Democratic National Convention in New York City. The program was scheduled from 10pm to 1am Sunday July 11, through Thursday, July 15. The group, calling itself Image Union but primarily composed of former TVTV members, had already secured air time on Manhattan Cable and Teleprompter, and estimated their potential audience in excess of 400,000. The program would be in both color and black-and-white, and would be composed of about 25-40% live in the studio and 60-75% videotape from earlier in the day. The program would focus on what people have to say rather than on covering events, and would feature ordinary New Yorkers as well as journalists and politicians. The budget calls for $12,050 to cover expenses and equipment.

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