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  • Image Union fact sheet

    Cover sheet and fact sheet about Image Union.  The facts are about the rights of the tapes, the funding for Image Union, etc.

  • WTTW 1980-81 Season

    From the 1980-81 season, WTTW/Chicago’s magazine/booklet "Programs in National Distribution and Development."  This document features summaries and photos from shows on this season of WTTW, including John Callaway Interviews and Kup’s Show (Irv Kupcinet) in distribution.  In Development, there is a summary of the proposed show TV Postcards.

  • The Chicago Collection: Tapes from the Chicago Editing Center

    (Appears to be a draft.) Summaries of some of the tapes edited using the Chicago Editing Center.  The Center provided the means by which videomakers could edit tapes without buying all the necessary equipment.  Representative tapes are listed in what appears to be a draft of a press release, including tapes by Scott Jacobs, Valjean McLenighan and Tom Weinberg.

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