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  • Image Union, episode 0008

    Image Union, episode 0008

    0:00 Commercials leading in to show. 1:10 Image Union opening sequence. 1:50 “Truthfully Speaking” by Dana Hodgdon. Different speakers play with the viewer by mouthing a monologue along with another person’s voice. Some sketchy video during certain parts of this section, but nothing catastrophic. 05:25 “Ricky and Rocky” by Tom Palazzolo and Jeff Kreines, 1972. The two filmmakers use the style of direct cinema to fil… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0002

    Image Union, episode 0002

    00:00 Image Union opening. 01:00 “Busia and Cioc” by Valjean McLenighan. Valjean visits two of her elderly relatives in their apartment and interviews them about the old days and their experiences as immigrants. 05:56 “Newsquake” comedy segment, created by Warren Leming and Nate Herman. Starring Tom Alderman, Miriam Flynn, Nate Herman, Warren Leming, and Joe Mantegna. A spoof news show. “Chicago’s new spectacl… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0435

    Image Union, episode 0435

    0:10 Image Union/WTTW Chicago slate. 0:46 Image Union opening. 1:30 Narrator: “It has become a special symbol of the jet-set. Some call it the Hollywood Cocktail: It’s cocaine. The champagne of illegal drugs…This program shows where it’s grown, how it’s processed, and how it gets into the United States.” 2:24 Photo montage from various moments in South America. 2:54 Journalists in Peru: “Felix was 26 yea… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0604: shorties

    Image Union, episode 0604: shorties

    0:00 Image Union opening. (Begins abruptly.) 0:32 “Let Them Eat Cheese” by Kirk Von Heflin. This is a segment on the pressure-filled life on a farm during the eighties. A nice collection of revealing images and sounds taken from a Wisconsin dairy farm, including a couple of very brief interviews with the family who lives on it. A lawyer, Dan Evans, discusses two tactics used by the Production Credit Association that contributes to th… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0324

    Image Union, episode 0324

    00:00 Image Union opening. 00:50 “On Strike” by Kartemquin Films. Color video. A short piece documenting a UWAUE (electrical workers’ union) strike at a Stewart Warner plant in Chicago. Workers demand higher pay in the face of high inflation. 09:35 “Grand Turk: The Grand Canyon of Coral” by William M. Stern. Color film. Cousteau-style underwater documentary about the underwater canyon and coral reef off of Grand Tur… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 1129: Some Yellowstone Winter Sound

    Image Union, episode 1129: Some Yellowstone Winter Sound

    00:00 Title card. 00:22 Image Union intro. 01:13 “Some Yellowstone Winter Sound” by Phil Morton, 1989. 01:22 Shots of people loading up the “Snow Coach,” a type of snowmobile that was once used as a school bus in northern Canada. 04:48 Footage of white geese swimming along a stream. You can hear faint human voices in the background. The motorized hum of a snowmobile cuts in, and the geese take flight. 05:41 Shot of a wate… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0308

    Image Union, episode 0308

    0:00 Image Union opening.  The tapes in this program were selected for showing at the Museum of Contemporary Art. 0:55 “Always Late” by Mitchell Kriegman. Color video. A man and woman argue over their different recollections of the same event. 9:30 “Advanced Riding Bowl” by Connie Coleman and Alan Powell. Color video. Shots of kids skateboarding on a half-pipe. Some experimental editing. 11:52 “The Chicago Cycling C… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0214: International Women’s Day

    Image Union, episode 0214: International Women’s Day

    0:00 Image Union opening. 0:46 “Festival De Mujeres,”June 30, 1979, by Eleanor Boyer and Karen Peugh. Color video. Documentary about a women’s festival in Chicago’s predominantly Latinx Pilsen neighborhood. Salima Rivera reads several of her poems, one is an ode to Pilsen, another dedicated to women searching for their sons after the Allende government in Chile was overthrown. There are silkscreening and ceramics workshop… Continue reading


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