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  • Image Union, episode 0414

    Image Union, episode 0414

    0:00 Image Union opening. 1:15 “TV” by Robert Medich. Processed images from famous Hollywood films and television. Lots of Elvis. Music by The Flying Lizards. 5:33 “George Talking Straight” by Jean de Segonzac and Marian Marzynski. Color film starring George McEwen as himself. George shows us around his town and talks about his two major hobbies, drinking and watching the Chicago Bears. He picks up his unemployment check,… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0504

    Image Union, episode 0504

    0:00 Image Union opening. 0:50 “Writing in Sky” by Paul Snajdr. Color film. Children move sparklers through the night sky. The film mainly consists of these moving lights. The next three tapes are relatively surreal video art pieces. 8:05 “Banana Dupuy” by Davidson Gigliotti. Performed by Jean Dupuy and Olga Adorno. Color video. 11:00 “World Trade” by Davidson Gigliotti. Performed by Tim Maul. Color video. Mau… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0006

    Image Union, episode 0006

    00:00 Color bars and tone, slate. 00:45 Opening titles. Electronic Visualization Center at Art Institute of Chicago. “Program No. 7.” Begins with early computer graphics saying “Start.”  Copyright 1978 Morton and Veeder “Revised for TV.” 03:40 Someone plays an early videogame where a car drives down a highway at night. Graphics are intercut with footage of a car driving in real life. Many video shots of cacti in the… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0024 and 0025

    Image Union, episode 0024 and 0025

    0:00 Image Union opening. 1:14 “Chicago Blues” by Jim Passin and Nancy Grosse. Color video. At Else Where blues bar and restaurant at Clark Street and Belmont Ave, Bonnie Lee and Big Time Sarah sing a Chicago-style blues song with drums and piano accompaniment by Erwin Helfer. Sunnyland Slim takes the stage and entices the crowd to dance before belting out a couple verses. The audience appears to be a young, mostly white, hippyish cr… Continue reading

  • Image Union, Reel 1: 10th Anniversary Special

    Image Union, Reel 1: 10th Anniversary Special

    00:29 Image Union opening sequence. 01:45 Donna Blue Lachman is introduced and explains the dual celebration: New Year’s Eve and Image Union’s 10th Anniversary. 02:45 Image Union’s statement on history and the importance of preservation. 03:42 “I Remember Riverview” by Phil Ranstrom. 1983. A retrospective on the former Chicago amusement park complete with a ride on one of its most famous roller coasters! 05:51 &#822… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0013: Composite

    Image Union, episode 0013: Composite

    00:00 Count-in. 00:22 Image Union opening in black and white. 01:06 “Chairs” by Nick Despota, John Mabey, and Bob Synder. Color video. Footage of the Chicago blizzard of 1979 set to music. We see piles of snow and the typical Chicago practice of chairs saving shoveled parking spaces. 02:55 “Helen Lishman for Mayor” by Warren Leming. Spoof of political ads, shot during the Chicago Blizzard of 1979. “All we get from t… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0211

    Image Union, episode 0211

    0:28 Image Union opening. 1:08 Footage of a 1968 press conference held by Mayor Richard J. Daley about the protests in Lincoln Park during the Democratic National Convention. He makes one of his famous blunders: “The policeman isn’t there to create disorder. The policeman is there to preserve disorder.” He defends the actions of the policemen who had attacked protesters. 2:33 Excerpts from “Now We Live On Clifton” b… Continue reading

  • Image Union: Emmy entry 1983

    Image Union: Emmy entry 1983

    …ack. 0:05 Title card reads: “4d. For Informational Programming for a Magazine Program Series.” 0:20 Image Union opening sequence. [some fuzzy lines and sound problems] 0:54 Black and white flash photographic journalism. A narrator introduces the program, citing facts about “where [cocaine] is grown, how it’s processed, and how it gets into the United States.” The investigation was done by photographer Henry Herb Gill… Continue reading


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