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  • [Center for New Television infomercial]

    [Center for New Television infomercial]

    …reen and promotes the Center. We see clips of people learning at the Center. We see Edie Adams at a CNTV benefit. We also learn that the Center provides affordable access to high-quality equipment. We then see Bob from Image Union, while highlighting important works to come out of the Center. One of the best things the Center does is bring people together. We see videographers speaking to an assembly of people. 05:22 Credits. 05:36 End of tape…. Continue reading

  • [TNT reel]

    0:20 “Sneak Previews” with Ebert and Siskel intro 0:56 “Image Union” intro: the cocaine express 1:22 “Hobo” intro 1:53 “Vito” intro 2:15 “Soundstage” intro: Chicago Jazz Festival 2:33 “Overnight Man” promo/intro 3:32 “Nightwatch” intro titles 3:45 “Nightwatch” with Gene Siskel intro. Siskel talks about what he looks like in person versus on a… Continue reading

  • [WTTW pledge night]

    [WTTW pledge night]

    …he most watched public television stations in the country. 11:35 Tom Weinberg talks about the show he produces, Image Union, and how now there are many imitations of this independent film and video showcase on other stations around the country. If it wasn’t for subscriber money, this show wouldn’t exist. 12:15 Weinberg and Wilson thank specific recent donors. 13:05 A scrolling message announces that W.C. Fields: My Little Chickadee is… Continue reading

  • [Tom’s on-camera intro for Death In The West]

    A series of takes of Tom Weinberg doing an introduction to “Death in the West” for its screening on Image Union. There are two separate scenes – one outside in front of Marlboro billboards and one inside near some other cigarrette ads…. Continue reading

  • [Interview with Tom Weinberg about Guerrilla Television, tape 2]

    [Interview with Tom Weinberg about Guerrilla Television, tape 2]

    …just don’t know where. And part of that is that we had ways of defining that years ago, whether it was on Image Union, or we had a thing called the Halsted Street TV show, which was in a storefront. And people would come in and bring their tapes and bullshit around. There were ways to identify, we’d have shows three times a week of one sort or another at the Editing Center, people bringing in their tapes and talking to other people. I… Continue reading

  • [Blizzard of ’79]

    [Blizzard of ’79]

    Tape begins with 45 seconds of black/bars and tone. There are lengthy timecode breaks and black sections throughout. For the first three minutes and thirty seconds of the tape, we have assorted news clips and home video footage of the 1979 Chicago blizzard, including shots of baby Jesse Weinberg in the snow and a segment with weatherman Jerry Taft reporting on the records set both for snowfall and low temperature.

    After this point, the tape is mainly a show taped off TV with Tom occasionally recording audio for an Image Union opening. From seventeen to eighteen minutes we get more news footage of the blizzard, then the tape returns to the TV show…. Continue reading

  • [Classic TV commercials]

    …Igor about how great his Toyota is. 54:31 Flair lets the inner through come through. Man likes pen, which shows his best side 55:00 Nondescript flash 55:10 Sexy woman peels dole banana. If you feel it, peel it 55:44 Instant Simoniz. The three stooges wax car to prove ability to make things shine. Put simonized wax on car. 56:48 Witch doctor interviews with stodgy man for job. 57:50 black 59:40 Image Union ending 59:59 end of tape… Continue reading


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