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  • Time Out, episode 135

    Time Out, episode 135

    …f Cubs fans explaining how they got their playoff tickets. Most seem to have won a ticket lottery. 5:57 Tape of Roger Wallenstein and Bill Veeck, former baseball team owner and sports commentator, discussing the differences Cubs fans faced when going to the stadium in San Diego. 8:14 Back to the studio: Fencik, Schulian, Spielman & Mengelt discuss the high class people attending the playoff game at Wrigley Field. They then dicuss the exciteme… Continue reading

  • Time Out, episode 147

    Time Out, episode 147

    …ommentators discuss the rules of officiating in the NBA before cutting into a commentary from Bill Veeck. 24:13 Roger Wallenstein sits down with Bill Veeck to talk about the politics behind the college football bowl games. He focuses on the skewed ranking of teams and the television networks’ influence over those rankings. The two also debate over the notion of paying college players for their participation in the bowl games. 27:26 The four… Continue reading

  • Time Out, episode 142

    Time Out, episode 142

    …ew visits a race track to talk with fans about the appeal of horse racing. “Time Out” correspondent Roger Wallenstein visits with three men who attend Gamblers Anonymous meetings to talk about the allure and aftereffects of compulsive gambling. One man states that he lost a year’s salary in one night and went on to make a year’s salary within a week. This is quite an interesting look into the world of gambling. 14:02 Cut b… Continue reading

  • Time Out, episode 140

    Time Out, episode 140

    …discussing the controversy over his team being ruled out of the playoffs. “Time Out” correspondent Roger Wallenstein asks Smith about the possible racial discrimination in the IHSA. 22:11 Cut to a segment on the Deefield Warriors high school football team. Head Coach Paul Adams talks about the team’s preparation for an upcoming tournament. Adams also sizes up the team’s competition in Warren High School. 23:48 Cut to a sh… Continue reading

  • Time Out, episode 138

    Time Out, episode 138

    …z. This leads into an interview with former Chicago Bears Quarterback and Hall of Famer Sid Luckman. Fencik and Roger Wallenstein sit down with Luckman in place of Bill Veeck, who was in the hospital at the time. The soft spoken Luckman talks about the differences between the Bears of the past and present, his relationship with former Bears coach and owner George Halas, and his experiences playing at both Wrigley and Soldier Field. 13:00 Cut to t… Continue reading

  • Time Out, episode 136

    Time Out, episode 136

    …our commentators who introduce a commentary from Brickhouse, Schulian, and “Time Out” correspondent Roger Wallenstein. The three talk about some of the more memorable Bill Veeck moments in sports. Veeck was in the hospital at the time. 18:05 Cut to an interview with Chicago Blackhawks player and Olympian Ed Olczyk, who talks about his excitement at playing for the team. Footage from the first Blackhawks game of the season rolls in the… Continue reading

  • Time Out, episode 134

    Time Out, episode 134

    …our commentators who quickly introduce a commentary from Bill Veeck. 21:07 “Time Out” correspondent Roger Wallenstein sits down with Bill Veeck over a few beers to talk about the playoff excitement in Chicago. Veeck states that he believes that the Cubs are going to win the playoffs and begins to talk about the World Series. Veeck states that every World Series has an “unpredictable hero” and begins to speculate about who… Continue reading

  • Once A Star #1

    Once A Star #1

    0:00 Color bars and tone, slate. 1:28 Opening titles 2:41 Jack Brickhouse greets audience, along with John Mengelt and Steve Stone. They explain the concept of the show, which is to answer sports fans’ question, “Where are they now?” 3:20 Jack Brickhouse introduces segment on Kenny Holtzman, former pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. Clips are shown from Holtzman’s 1971 no-hitter. 4:22 Holtzman, now an insurance agent, talks ab… Continue reading


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