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  • [The 90’s Election Specials raw: DNC Wednesday #3]

    [The 90’s Election Specials raw: DNC Wednesday #3]

    00:00 Footage from the Clinton trailer. Hart and staff try to influence which state will put Clinton over the top. 05:13 They make calls from the trailer to the chairs, telling them to speed up the process of speeches so that Clinton is on prime time. 14:00 They cheer in the trailer at the news. Hart says that Ohio will put Clinton over the top the first time around. They give word to start passing out signs. 18:15 They shout in the trailer to s… Continue reading

  • [The 90’s Election Specials raw: DNC Wednesday #2]

    [The 90’s Election Specials raw: DNC Wednesday #2]

    00:00 Footage from the Clinton trailer as Jerry Brown’s speech comes to a close. Hart and staff continue to discuss where the nomination will end. The scene is chaotic as they discuss the floor being packed. 10:53 Hart and others watch Tsongas get escorted through the crowd on TV. They figure logistics regarding delegates unable to vote and when the vote tally will be decisive. 18:45 Hart gives the order to start circulating signs as Tsong… Continue reading

  • [Interview with Judy Hoffman about Guerrilla Television, tape 2]

    [Interview with Judy Hoffman about Guerrilla Television, tape 2]

    …ugh the Alternative Schools Network, so she was interested in tape. So other people like Valjean McLenighan and Scott Jacobs, who learned how to make tape through Videopolis, were involved. Tom Shea, who was some kind of physicist, who we got helping us on It’s a Living, was involved too. There’s all these people, I brought in Kartemquin. There was Communications for Change, which was started by Tedwilliam Theodore and Mirko Popadic,… Continue reading

  • [Interview with Tedwilliam Theodore about Guerrilla Television]

    …ory of Feeling on Videotape, which describes this program that we did. And then in 1977, Tom Weinberg and I and Scott Jacobs started the Chicago Editing Center. And we did that primarily because people were sort of begging to use video equipment, especially editing equipment, that was located in two or three places around the city. Communications for Change had an editing rig, the School of the Art Institute, and Circle Campus–the Universit… Continue reading

  • [Interview with Denise Zaccardi about Guerrilla Television]

    [Interview with Denise Zaccardi about Guerrilla Television]

    …t the camera initially. We edited “Mary Ann” at Videopolis. And I remember we were editing and then Scott Jacobs came and he had to edit his thing so he bumped us. I was like, “Wait a minute! We need to do Mary Ann!” What I remember editing “Mary Ann” was like, “Well, what do you want to put next? Oh! Now what do you want to put next?” That painful thing. [the editing machine] I think that Judy talk… Continue reading

  • [Interview with Jim Morrissette about Guerrilla Television]

    [Interview with Jim Morrissette about Guerrilla Television]

    …r to the university to use their equipment, which was just sitting there. And you know, some people from there, Scott Jacobs, for example, went on to form his own commercial editing house, called Independent Production Associates, or IPA. Which initially allowed independents to do more sophisticated editing work and even corporate work or for-money projects. And that grew into a big business, doing documentary films, and that’s where Kartem… Continue reading

  • [Hobo wins Chicago Emmy Awards]

    [Hobo wins Chicago Emmy Awards]

    0:16 Scott Jacobs accepts award for “Hobo” and thanks Tom Finerty and Starr Sutherland and especially Tom Weinberg. 0:58 Black. 1:00 Man announces “Hobo” as winner. Tom Weinberg and Tom Finerty go up to receive award. Weinberg speaks and complements Finerty. He thanks Channel 11. Finerty thanks Channel 11, Scott Jacobs, Starr Sutherland, members of Channel 11 staff. 2:51 Clip from “Hobo” (category: programs… Continue reading

  • [Watch It! pilot]

    [Watch It! pilot]

    …ass of kids from Beasley School who are performing about showing the world such a cool school exists. 46:53 The Grab Bag. Footage shot on election day by Scott Jacobs in Little Rock, Arkansas. Clinton paraphernalia vendors, people getting ready for Bill’s acceptance speech, Bill’s speech. Katherine Leibach says Clinton has no respect for the office of presidency. Apparently a Bush supporter. 50:31 End credits. 51:30 End of tape…. Continue reading


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