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  • [Hobo wins Chicago Emmy Awards]

    [Hobo wins Chicago Emmy Awards]

    0:16 Scott Jacobs accepts award for “Hobo” and thanks Tom Finerty and Starr Sutherland and especially Tom Weinberg. 0:58 Black. 1:00 Man announces “Hobo” as winner. Tom Weinberg and Tom Finerty go up to receive award. Weinberg speaks and complements Finerty. He thanks Channel 11. Finerty thanks Channel 11, Scott Jacobs, Starr Sutherland, members of Channel 11 staff. 2:51 Clip from “Hobo” (category: programs…

  • [Sox #1, outside on field, opening day]

    [Sox #1, outside on field, opening day]

    0:00 White Sox vendor outside Comiskey. People walk into stadium. 2:10 Security guard makes announcement to opening day entrants. 2:45 Young drinkers outside stadium do impromptu Schlitz Beer commercial. 3:15 Mariachi band plays outside gates. 4:08 Main entrance of Comiskey while fans enter. Kids pay $2 for general admission tickets. Cameraman talks to ticket vendor. Cameraman talks to drinkers outside stadium. 10:40 Parking lot footage. 11:30 C…

  • [Inside Spring Training raw #38]

    [Inside Spring Training raw #38]

    00:00 This tape begins with color footage from inside the Chicago White Sox locker room during spring training. Players are seen changing out of their uniforms and eating a little lunch. 02:23 Cut to an interview with a White Sox pitcher, now in black and white. Cameraman Skip Blumberg interviews the player about his and other players’ performances during spring training. The interview gets cut off after about two minutes. 04:18 Cut to col…

  • [Watch It! pilot]

    [Watch It! pilot]

    …ass of kids from Beasley School who are performing about showing the world such a cool school exists. 46:53 The Grab Bag. Footage shot on election day by Scott Jacobs in Little Rock, Arkansas. Clinton paraphernalia vendors, people getting ready for Bill’s acceptance speech, Bill’s speech. Katherine Leibach says Clinton has no respect for the office of presidency. Apparently a Bush supporter. 50:31 End credits. 51:30 End of tape….

  • [Inside Spring Training raw #8]

    [Inside Spring Training raw #8]

    Raw tape of Minnie Minoso playing shuffleboard in Florida with Tom Weinberg for “Inside Spring Training.”…

  • [Inside Spring Training raw #9]

    [Inside Spring Training raw #9]

    Raw tape of Minnie Minoso playing shuffleboard with Tom Weinberg at the Sarasota Motor Hotel in Florida for “Inside Spring Training.” They start to make small talk, such as some basic questions about Minoso’s background. We also get some aerial b-roll footage. Towards the end, Minoso becomes more confessional about his career and future plans….

  • [Inside Spring Training raw #11]

    [Inside Spring Training raw #11]

    00:00 Minnie Minoso talks with Tom Weinberg, mainly about things like the weather. Memorable quote: “Wherever Bill Veeck goes, I go. I’d follow him anywhere.” 06:56 They part, and Minoso is detained by a man who wants an endorsement of his exercise product. Minoso is extremely polite to him, and listens to his pitch. 09:55 There is a cut with bars and we walk around the courtyard. We see Minoso’s children playing shuffleb…

  • [March for Disarmament, Master #2]

    [March for Disarmament, Master #2]

    …A speaker urges people to sit for the next speaker before Jackson Browne. 39:44 The speaker introduces Coretta Scott King to the podium. King takes the stage for her speech. 41:09 Back stage, Maxi Cohen interviews Edith Ballantyne of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, who is currently stationed in Geneva. She says that people in Europe have been protesting in great numbers. She anticipates the positive news coverage and rece…


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