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  • Image Union, episode 0010: Animation

    Image Union, episode 0010: Animation

    …on. Animated. One dog eats another dog. Another dog eats that one, etc. 36:10 Mid-show break. 36:36 Jamie (Jay) Fenton and Raul Zaritsky “Digital TV Dinner.” Chance operations in animation when Zaritsky and Fenton make video art by pounding on a video game system. 39:15 “Grafix” by Fenton, Nola Donato, and Tom DeFanti. A demo of a computer graphics program explained by Delfonte. 45:25 Computer graphics segment based on pro… Continue reading

  • Before the Bubble Burst: Jamie Fenton, Game Designer, 1982

    Before the Bubble Burst: Jamie Fenton, Game Designer, 1982

    …to appear back in 1982, and perhaps the most poignant story captured in our archive is that of Jamie (FKA Jay) Fenton, a game designer at Bally-Midway whose game, The Adventures of Robby Roto, would in some ways mimic the industry’s own fate. In the video above, Fenton also shows off Ms. Gorf, a game she was working on at the time that would, ultimately, become a victim of the crash. The game has never been released, even unofficially, a… Continue reading

  • Wired In 1982/1995 Recut

    Wired In 1982/1995 Recut

    …eral minutes. 03:28 Dissolve into another title screen. 03:32 Cut to footage of Video Game Designer Jamie (Jay) Fenton demoing a prototype for a new game. She talks about the balance between difficulty levels in gaming. Fenton also comments on the rush she gets when she sees her work being enjoyed by the general public. Footage of various arcade games is infused into the footage. 04:27 Cut to a segment featuring Comedian Lily Tomlin. She discusse… Continue reading

  • Wired in Video Demo

    Wired in Video Demo

    …#8221; features footage of kids at an arcade and commentary by Silver Sue, a video arcade owner and Jamie (Jay) Fenton, video game designer, as well as a mother playing home video games with her husband and son. 03:52 Tomlin comes back in, saying, “Remember, it all starts with a harmless quarter, but it can all turn to tragedy (snap) just like that….Can I play now?” 04:15 Vintage commercials: Pepsodent, Bufferin, and RCA Victor… Continue reading

  • Image Union: All night

    Image Union: All night

    …are aired. 40:18 A jazz tune wails over continued stylized images of the city 41:43 Brief credits. 41:50 “Fenton Foobars” by Jamie (Jay) Fenton. Abstract animation set to music and sound effects. 48:40 Audio of an audience applauding. On screen, cars come down a street at night time. 49:12 Cut to Chicago skyline at dawn. 49:44 Title card: “Chicago Breakdown.” The sun continues to rise over Lake Michigan and related areas t… Continue reading

  • Electronic Visualization Event 3

    Electronic Visualization Event 3

    …de of spirals performing various moves of dance and flexibility. 27:11 “Digital TV Dinner” by Jamie Fenton and Raul Zaritsky. This segment features bar codes and very old style video games. 30:11 “Data Bursts in 3 Moves” by Phil Morton and Guenther Tetz. This segments exhibits many data points and creates images by connecting them. 43:58 “Cetacean” by Chip Dodsworth and Phil Morton. This segment simulates water… Continue reading

  • [Wired In raw: Jamie (Jay) Fenton follow up #1]

    [Wired In raw: Jamie (Jay) Fenton follow up #1]

    Note: Jamie Fenton is a trans woman. Even though she was presenting as male at the time this footage was originally recorded, these notes refer to her using her proper gender. 00:00 Color bars. 00:51 Open on Jamie (Jay) Fenton. The interviewer asks Fenton about The Adventures of Robby Roto, a video game she had developed for Bally/Midway. Fenton talks about the the game and its game play problems. 03:12 One of the videomakers asks Fenton about t… Continue reading

  • [Wired In raw: Jamie Fenton follow up #2]

    [Wired In raw: Jamie Fenton follow up #2]

    00:00 Color bars and tone. 00:52 Open on Jamie Fenton at her desk. She first begins to talk about the longevity of video games. “Video games have been around for like twelve years and they have always been popular and it’s always been growing. Certainly people are going to wind up maybe not playing them as much as they do now but they’ll still play them a lot and we’ll still keep trying to come up with new ones. So I thin… Continue reading


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