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  • [The 90’s raw: Venice Beach #2]

    [The 90’s raw: Venice Beach #2]

    …He asks for donations before he begins to dance. He moves sort of like a robot, and then dances in slow motion. 05:33 The tape cuts to a two men performing folk music. There is some wind noise. One man plays acoustic guitar, while the other sits and hits sticks on the ground to provide percussion. The camera scans the crowd of people watching, and the beach behind them. The guitarist then asks the crowd to whistle, saying, “walk with me,&#8…

  • [1996 Democratic National Convention: Tape 2]

    [1996 Democratic National Convention: Tape 2]

    00:00 Harvey Grossman, legal director of the Illinois ACLU, takes questions from the press. He talks about representing Dr. Quentin Young, who had filed a lawsuit against the city of Chicago regarding the protest buffer zone around the United Center during the 1996 Democratic National Convention. “What we’re interested in doing is facilitating speech by all persons during the Democratic National Convention,” he explains. &#8220…

  • [Camcorder Tonight: Jody Procter #2]

    00:00 New York City cabbie Robert Demella says “If it’s not easy, if it’s not fast junk food for the mind, you don’t want to hear about it.” 01:15 News reporter Ed Rabel practices his speech over and over again. 02:00 News reporter Ed Rabel does report on NBC. 02:29 Jody Procter introduces the show. He talks to his producer about the tape of the cabbie. “I’d start walkin’ to work.” Procter:…

  • [Helen Stern at Mary Meyer School #2]

    [Helen Stern at Mary Meyer School #2]

    0:00 Helen Stern reads to children in group session at the school. There is a brief break on the original tape during this segment, which happens about 5 seconds in. 7:30 Cut to a kitchen. Helen talks about her work. “I’m just delighted that you’re doing this, but I am basically very shy.” She talks quietly about Mary Meyer. She says that the key to being an effective teacher is to “bring your own self into it.&#822…

  • [Once a Star raw: Bill Wade #2]

    [Once a Star raw: Bill Wade #2]

    00:00 Color bars. 00:50 Bill Wade, the starting quarterback for the 1963 Chicago Bears championship team, stands in front of the Third National Bank in Nashville Tennessee wearing a suit and tie. Between laughs, he tells about a recent Bears game he had watched where William “The Refrigerator” Perry, caught a pass and ran it in for a touchdown. “I just had to holler! . . . I know of nothing that’s been that exciting.&#822…

  • [Reform Party Convention, Long Beach #2]

  • [Reform Party #2 – Scooty’s Wedding Eve 6-8-96 #1]

  • [Studs interview tapes 2 and 3]

    [Studs interview tapes 2 and 3]

    00:00 Tape begins with color bars and tone. 00:12 A shot of Terkel before the interview. 00:24 The interviewer asks Terkel to talk about Bughouse Square in Chicago. 00:34 Terkel begins to talk about Bughouse Square. “It is the place that makes Chicago unique among all American cities. It was the place, an area devoted to free speech. You could say, no matter what you felt, this is the one area where you could say it.” Terkel begins t…


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