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  • [Inside Spring Training raw #26]

    [Inside Spring Training raw #26]

    …ind his team a flight out of Sarasota, FL. Veeck speaks with an associate about the possibility of flying to Cuba to use their baseball facilities. After the phone call, Veeck shuffles over to his bed and begins to discuss the possibility of flying the team to Cuba or any other off shore islands where the weather is suitable. His colleagues weigh in on the situation as well. This lasts for a good portion of the tape. 12:00 A surprised Veeck gets…

  • [Inside Spring Training raw #30]

    [Inside Spring Training raw #30]

    00:00 Tape begins with a black screen. 00:12 Cut to a shot of Skip Blumberg interviewing a White Sox player while on a bus on their way to a practice facility. The player talks about the interview experience before he and another teammate begin to peer out of the window and comment on the weather. The two also talk with their other fellow teammates. This lasts for several minutes. 05:31 The team finally arrives at a practice facility. We watch a…

  • [Inside Spring Training raw #34]

    [Inside Spring Training raw #34]

    00:00 This tape begins with a black screen. 00:11 Outfielder Thad Bosley speaks with his batting coach and fellow teammate about his batting technique. We watch as Bosley and a number of other players practice their hitting technique. The Sox batting coach watches Bosley closely, critiquing his hitting style. This lasts for several minutes. 06:32 Cut to a different shot of Bosley hard at work in the batting cages. After finishing in the cages, B…

  • [Politics of Intimacy: Bonnie 1]

    [Politics of Intimacy: Bonnie 1]

    00:21 Title card reads “ST. PATRICK’S DAY NEW YORK CITY 1972”   00:27 Bonnie, a white woman who appears to be in her early 20s, wears glasses and has long brown hair, discusses being sexually overstimulated. 01:50 Communicating sexual desires with her partners. 03:25 The perceived view of female orgasms by men, and whether they deem it important that their female sexual partners have orgasms. 04:12 The pressures to orgasm and f…

  • [Pledge night #1 Bob and Tom]

    [Pledge night #1 Bob and Tom]

    00:00 Jerry Lee Lewis sings “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On” in old footage. 03:16 Changing of channels, different programs start and end. Color goes in and out. Not important stuff. 04:29 WTTW pledge-drive comes back. Host asks for callers. 08:12 Two University of Chicago men talk inaudibly about the Darwin show. Host suggests there are audio problems and hawks for more money. 9:29 University of Chicago panel members talk about…

  • [Politics of Intimacy: Joanne 1]

    [Politics of Intimacy: Joanne 1]

    00:26 Expressing sexuality through dancing    01:25 The physicality of feeling sexual    02:26 Vulnerability of feeling sexual around men    03:05 Not feeling in touch with sexual feelings    04:13 Finding sexual pleasure after having sexual intercourse experiences with men. Becoming sexually aware awhile after having sex with partners   05:13 Masturbation   07:30 Feeling resentful about being sexually unaware    08:15 Speaks on the differences…

  • [Actual Life. CamNet #1.]

    Actual Life. CamNet #1. Doya Doya. Kites. Street Performer. Nagata Walk #1. Nakano’s Storm. Nagata Walk #2. Nagata Walk #3….

  • [Veeck: A Man For Any Season raw #49]

    [Veeck: A Man For Any Season raw #49]

    00:10 Inside Wrigley Field. Veeck buying a program: “What a wonderful hustle!” 1:38 Veeck gets surrounded by fans. Goes towards his seat. 2:48 Woman wishes Veeck a happy opening day. Makes his way through the crowd to his seat. 4:05 Takes his seat next to his daughters. 5:10 Close up of Veeck in his seat. Various people wave to him, send their regards. Crowd boos the opposing team. 6:58 “Now don’t get them too far away!&#…


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