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  • [Making It In Hollywood raw #57]

    [Making It In Hollywood raw #57]

    00:00 A continuation of footage of Cissy Colpitts (now Cisse Cameron), an aspiring actress, meeting with a casting director from 20th Century Fox Studios. Colpitts auditions and then the director talks about Colpitts’ performance. Colpitts then discusses her performance during the reading. 08:30 Footage shot around 20th Century Fox’s backlot and soundstages; including footage of various false-front set exteriors that are made to loo…

  • [Making It In Hollywood raw #58]

    [Making It In Hollywood raw #58]

    00:00 The “Making It” crew interviews several actors inside Schwab’s drugstore in L.A. Those interviewed include Joseph Turkel, Roy Stewart, and Stewart’s mother, Minnie, who talks about how she supported her son’s decision to become an actor. 14:37 Several other actors are interviewed. They discuss various topics including the lack of community among actors in L.A. (as opposed to New York) and how much money an a…

  • [Making It In Hollywood raw #59]

    [Making It In Hollywood raw #59]

    00:00 The crew approaches a group of actors sitting together, asking them about the psychological aspects of acting, their individual careers, and money as an incentive, among other things. One actor discusses how Schwab’s drugstore acts as an “information exchange,” saying he learns much of his industry news there. Another says he’s “a nice guy,” but only gets cast as a “hood”; he goes on to say t…

  • [Interview with Scott Jacobs about Guerrilla Television]

    [Interview with Scott Jacobs about Guerrilla Television]

    “[You started out as a journalist at the Chicago Sun-Times, how did you get into video?] I took a workshop at a place called Videopolis, which was where Metro is now. It was run by Anda Korsts. Cindy Neal was the teacher and Annette Barbier, who is a professor now at Northwestern. And I took it because I was very bored with investigative reporting. I had spent two months investigating the Kane County dog pound and I thought video sounded a…

  • [Masters: Randy’s Donuts, 7-11 Symphony, Muzak at the Mall, Mini Event at the Mini Mall]

    Masters: Randy’s Donuts (Jay April, 4:10), 7-11 Symphony (Nancy & Jay, 7:30), Muzak at the Mall (Nancy, 11:30), Mini Event at the Mini Mall (Nancy, 2:00)…

  • [Making It In Hollywood raw #11]

    [Making It In Hollywood raw #11]

    00:04 Interviewer Frank Cavestani tests the mic. 00:26 In Sally Kirkland’s home, several of her friends are discussing the difficulties of achieving success as an actor in Hollywood. 01:16 The girls talk about the importance of “looking the part” in Hollywood. “I have learned mostly that I have to compromise myself.” “You’ve got to look like the right person, you’ve got to almost think like the rig…

  • [Inside Spring Training raw #15]

    [Inside Spring Training raw #15]

    00:00 Roland Hemond on the phone making an attempt to find an alternate place for the teams to play due to excessive rain. 04:10 Video crew moves down the hall to Veeck’s hotel room, where he is seated at the desk, talking on the phone. Eventually, he reaches Stanley Kablan, from the WAYS radio station in North Carolina. He proposes flying some teams over to Cuba to play. 12:16 Veeck makes another phone call while “The Jeffersons&#82…

  • [Inside Spring Training raw #26]

    [Inside Spring Training raw #26]

    …ind his team a flight out of Sarasota, FL. Veeck speaks with an associate about the possibility of flying to Cuba to use their baseball facilities. After the phone call, Veeck shuffles over to his bed and begins to discuss the possibility of flying the team to Cuba or any other off shore islands where the weather is suitable. His colleagues weigh in on the situation as well. This lasts for a good portion of the tape. 12:00 A surprised Veeck gets…


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