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  • [HSA Strike 1975 raw #4]

    [HSA Strike 1975 raw #4]

    00:00 This footage is related to tapes 16510, 16511, and 16512. An audience of doctors and health care workers clap as someone finishes a speech. The tape fast forwards. 00:33 Dr. Quentin Young, Chairman of Department of Medicine at Cook County Hospital, in mid-speech says that there’s a myth of one class system of care. The tape rewinds. He talks about how the immigrants were being denied certain medical treatments. He says just a few day…

  • [Chicago Slices raw: Chicago Board of Trade #1]

    [Chicago Slices raw: Chicago Board of Trade #1]

    …Board of Trade and Walsh gets out of the car. The videographer then drives through Chicago shooting b-roll of traffic and pedestrians as he drives. 44:02 Videographer leaves a recorded message for Nathan relaying his shooting agenda. B-roll of the Chicago Stock Exchange building, Congress Parkway, and the Chicago Board of Trade. 45:44 On foot the videographer approaches a news stand and buys a paper, shoots the Chicago Tribute front page for the…

  • [The 90’s raw: M.M. Thomas]

    [The 90’s raw: M.M. Thomas]

    …he ’90s are going to be blue skies and blue birds–that we’re only fooling ourselves and very dangerously so if we continue in that belief.” 01:00 Thomas first addresses the problems of the ’80s, hoping to give the viewer a better understanding of why the ’90s and the longer term future of the country may be bleak. “The ’80s are painted by the propaganda spewed out by such places as the editorial pag…

  • [Interview with Studs Terkel about Nelson Algren]

    [Interview with Studs Terkel about Nelson Algren]

    …so impersonal. Terkel admired Algren’s humor. In a friendly argument Algren would say to Terkel, “What kind of an American are you?” And Terkel wouldn’t have a response. He admired that quality in Algren. 39:05 Terkel tells the story of a slow-witted man called Popeye. Popeye would watch Bob Hope and never laugh, but howl at the evening news. Algren would say of him, “He has good taste.” Terkel says Geraldine P…

  • [Chicago Slices raw: Amundsen High School]

    [Chicago Slices raw: Amundsen High School]

    …l and won’t let a student speak for himself. 12:17 Sobol and the student enact the scenario. The students and teacher are in conflict over a page ripped out of a text book. Goldman leads the follow up review: the students let you know something was missing from the text book and the teacher dismissed their concern. Now, he continues, redo the scenario using an open partnership. 13:30 The scenario opens with Berkhia saying today she’s…

  • [Good Day Truck Stop #7: Indiana toll road]

    …e House Employees, and the authors’ problems getting future jobs. He promises to talk about it later. 11:50 Harvey talks about a “nun run” pony race in Ireland. 12:05 Harvey talks about a little league treasurer running off with money. 12:10 Harvey talks about a student suing the school for not allowing him to wear an earring. 12:20 Harvey talks about “rent-a-dress” shops for women. 12:45 H arvey: “And now, p…

  • [Interview with Studs Terkel about Chicago TV in the ’50s]

    [Interview with Studs Terkel about Chicago TV in the ’50s]

    …a interviewer. 01:20 “Studs’ Place was a dream, it wasn’t real.” Studs talks about the cast, which included himself, Beverly Younger, Win Stracke, and Chet Roble. Younger “revolutionized the role of the waitress.” Stracke played the handy-man, and Roble played a bluesy piano-player. Studs says they represented four aspects of America. 03:30 Studs talks about the script. The show was improvised from a 1-page scr…

  • [Stock Market Observer interviews Studs Terkel]

    [Stock Market Observer interviews Studs Terkel]

    …f all of those involved with those projects, especially Studs’ Place. He mentions Pat Weaver, Sigourney Weaver’s father, and credits him for conceiving the idea of daytime TV, which did not exist at the time. Terkel on Studs’ Place: “We made up our own dialogue. … It was improvised. We’d have a little plot line. Charlie [Andrews, key figure in early Chicago TV] and I would put it together, one page, and then we…


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