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  • [White Sox ’76 spring training in Sarasota raw]

    [White Sox ’76 spring training in Sarasota raw]

    00:00 Opening shot of a poolside in Sarasota, FL. Cut jump to camera operator’s materials and reel of tape, then back to the poolside. Camera operator Skip Blumberg narrates the date, “It’s Sunday, March 21.” 0:32 Tom Weinberg retrieves a newspaper from his hotel room. 01:12 White Sox players prepare for practice in the locker room. 01:47 Batting cage practice. Coaches stand behind an automated mechanic arm that slings fa…

  • [Studs Terkel with Nelson Algren]

    [Studs Terkel with Nelson Algren]

    0:00 Room audio is loud and hard to understand. Algren expresses his discomfort with “the media” (ie the video camera). 1:06 Audio is much better. Studs starts the interview by rhapsodizing about Algren’s writing talent. “See, the thing about Nelson to me is that he’s a lyric writer. And his prose, his prose is really poetry. When he writes about those who may be clown figures, it’s a reflection of ourselves i…

  • [Bo Diddley interview 3/16/06]

    [Bo Diddley interview 3/16/06]

    0:45 Off-camera interviewer Phil Ranstrom asks Diddley about Maxwell Street. Diddley says he was last there “six or seven years ago,” and that it was then that he noticed a dramatic change. He says that, during its heyday, he would go as much for the hot dogs available at the stands as for the opportunity to play. He laments the disappearance of the Maxwell Street scene, and hopes that Mayor Daley would designate another spot in the…

  • [Degerberg Dub]

    [Degerberg Dub]

    0:05 Montage of various people practicing kickboxing and other martial arts, as well as aerobics and jump-rope. 1:05 Video ends….

  • [1983 Chicago mayoral campaign appearances]

    [1983 Chicago mayoral campaign appearances]

    …ne commissioned for the city. Audio of Richard M. Daley announcing his intentions to run for mayor. Short clips around the city. 5:48 Footage of Richard M. Daley speaking on TV explaining his family pride. Audio of Harold Washington talking about the past oppression caused by Richard J. Daley as mayor and his potential as a candidate. 9:50 Christmas carols. Footage from a Christmas parade downtown. Mayor Byrne makes an appearance. 16:20 Republica…

  • [Making It In Hollywood raw #79]

    [Making It In Hollywood raw #79]

    0:00 On the set of the 1976 version of “King Kong.” Actor Julius Harris dispenses advice to two young actors. One acting hopeful says that he won’t leave his neighborhood if he becomes a movie star. 8:30 A beach location to watch behind-the-scenes action of King Kong. We watch electricians and gaffers manipulate the lights in the dark. Crew goes onto the water on small boats. …

  • [Veeck: A Man For Any Season raw #8]

    [Veeck: A Man For Any Season raw #8]

    00:00 Bars and tone. 01:00 Opening shot of the Sears Tower from the Wrigley Field bleachers. Veeck recites poetry at the crew’s request while they get set up. Camera pans the park. 02:05 Zoom in to Veeck sitting in the bleachers underneath the scoreboard, followed by various shots around the park. 04:40 Cut to Leo Breen, who joins Veeck in the bleachers. Breen holds packets of Cubs tickets. Veeck gives him a check for a few packets of tick…

  • [Politics of Intimacy: Joanne and Zabé]

    [Politics of Intimacy: Joanne and Zabé]

    00:00 Two women in conversation. One woman talks about the first time felt overwhelmed by desire for another woman in the way she had or men. Some visual and audio distortion.  00:34 She muses about how being in a relationship with a woman might be different from her relationships with men. “I would feel much freer with my sexuality, sensuality, whatever. I just feel that I can be more trusting and giving with a woman.” Being able to…


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