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  • American Roots Music Chicago

    American Roots Music Chicago

    …cause of the quality of the blacks who came. They came here for a better life.” Cut to an archival lithograph of the Chicago stockyards. Studs Terkel narrates: “The stockyards were there, the steel mills were there, the Chicago Defender–the most famous of all African American newspapers. That was the means of communication. That was how the sharecroppers heard about Chicago.” 2:39 Cut to a photograph of the front page of t… Continue reading

  • Ngoma Dance and Voyager 2 Encounters Jupiter

    Ngoma Dance and Voyager 2 Encounters Jupiter

    00:00 Ngoma Dance, an image processing work in which the movements of dancers are transformed into vividly colorful abstract patterns.  10:16 End credits. 10:24 Voyager 2 Encounters Jupiter, a computer simulation produced by NASA/JPL  13:20 End credits…. Continue reading

  • CBS 2 Chicago (WBBM-TV): Carol Marin’s Last Broadcast, October 30th, 2000

    CBS 2 Chicago (WBBM-TV): Carol Marin’s Last Broadcast, October 30th, 2000

    00:07 CBS 2 Chicago graphic. Camera opens on anchor Carol Marin, who introduces reporter Kyung Lah for a story on a currently developing teacher’s strike in Proviso Township, Illinois.  00:36 Footage of Proviso East biology teacher Dave Suter punching holes in picket signs. Suter says: “No, we don’t want to be on strike, we want to be in the classroom…I mean, it was very hard saying goodbye to the students today.” … Continue reading

  • Watch It!, episode 104-2

    Watch It!, episode 104-2

    00:00 Intro. 01:23 Campaign commercial for Jane Byrne. 01:54 Segment from “Jane Byrne Election Night.” A short documentary following Chicago Mayoral Candidate Jayne Byrne on February 27, 1979, the night she is elected Mayor of Chicago. 18:59 Les Brown Commercial. 20:30 Campaign commercial for Jane Byrne. 20:57 A segment shot on Mayor Jane Byrne’s last day of her promotional stunt, living at the Chicago housing project, Cabrini-… Continue reading

  • Sykes 115 / 0-426 OK—> / 4-29-1975 / Oscillators Aug 29 1975

    Sykes 115 / 0-426 OK—> / 4-29-1975 / Oscillators Aug 29 1975

  • TJ + Wild Bill #2

    TJ + Wild Bill #2

    0:00 Resume live broadcast of the TJ and Wild Bill show on B96 begun on a previous tape. 11:54 Camera enters an adjacent broadcast studio and meets a woman there who is filmed doing her job. Eventually she gives the news and traffic. 26:15 An old woman named Irene reports on the astrology for that day. She talks to listener about their futures and later gives a weekly horoscope for each zodiac sign. The videographer asks about her history in ast… Continue reading

  • A.J. at Carver #2

    A.J. at Carver #2

    0:00 Video of the Carver middle school graduation as begun in a previous tape. 20:01 A.J. Parker, a radio personality on 106.3, chats with some of the parents and children and takes pictures with them. After all the parents leave Parker stays for a bit and chats with the administrators of the school. 31:15 Parker interviews with the camera. This interview is continued on her drive home. 44:52 B-roll of a train rolling on the railroad tracks near… Continue reading

  • Samantha James #2

    Samantha James #2

    0:00 Color bars with audio. This is a continuation of tape 11196. 0:23 The video returns and Samantha James talks to several callers before talking on air for a bit about free tickets. She then resumes taking calls for the rest of the video. 13:22 Video ends…. Continue reading


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