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  • [Paul Harvey cruise #2]

    0:00 POV shot from front of truck driving down the highway. Paul Harvey on radio gives weather report. 0:55 Commercial. Harvey reports on how low fat beef is actually very healthy and low in fat. 1:55 Report on archeological dig in England. 2:35 Report on the cost of living, which is going up. Reports that the economy is doing well. 3:40 Reports on how many deans of law schools have quit because they are very low paid compared to others at the… Continue reading

  • [Paul Harvey cruise #2, tape #5]

    0:00 Shots of toll booth. No audio. 0:55 Shots from back of vehicle driving on highway (so we are looking at the front of driving cars). No audio. Driving south on 94, the Edens Expressway, then exiting east on to 14, Peterson Avenue. 21:45 End of tape…. Continue reading

  • [Giving Birth: Margaret Mead 2]

    [Giving Birth: Margaret Mead 2]

    00:24 Mead discusses the effects of anesthetizing the mother and removing the possibility of breastfeeding on a baby, including on the next generation.  02:10 Mead ascribes this to men “[taking] over childbirth” and turning it into a profession that is convenient for the doctor rather than the mother or the baby.  03:25. Discussions of myths expression jealousy or suspicion towards women’s reproductive capacity, as well as the… Continue reading

  • [Washington No. 2: White House skater]

    …of business entrance to the White House. 2:05 Groups of tourists walk by camera, going to view the White House. 2:48 Some people leave work at the White House. In background, camera man talks to another camera man (?) about working for the Wh ite House Press. 6:12 Camera points out “George Bush for President” bumper sticker on a car. “Well, what else would you expect?” says the cameraman. 6:38 Same street outside White Ho… Continue reading

  • [The 90’s election specials raw: DNC #2]

    [The 90’s election specials raw: DNC #2]

    00:00 Video test. 02:04 The Samoan whip says that back home, “it’s do as the chief does or have a good reason.” Daniel Langkilde discusses the system of chiefdom. He says that it is not like a democratic convention but that the head chief has the final word. He says that the chief will usually rule along with the consensus and that sometimes the chiefdom system would work where the democratic process falters. 05:23 A woman spea… Continue reading

  • [The 90’s raw: Fred Kent #2]

    [The 90’s raw: Fred Kent #2]

    …ng photos and videos. 20:28 Still walking around the city, he points out the diversity of the people visiting  Carnegie Hall. 21:00 A pianist tunes his piano and plays some music. 25:09 Kent talks about the design of the city, in relation to cars, streets, and public transportation. 28:42 He points out shrubbery that is meant to keep street vendors off the sidewalk. Then they continue their walk and their discussion. 38:15 He talks about window d… Continue reading

  • [People for Community Recovery rally #2]

    [People for Community Recovery rally #2]

    0:00 Open on Hazel Johnson speaking with Father Michael Pfleger and another woman. They talk about wanting support from their local Catholic church. 2:47 Switch to shot of a pulpit where a few people are standing and talking to the crowd. 7:07 Cut to shot of the crowd. 14:45 The videographer shoots a small girl who tells her opinion of the landfills and the toxic waste. 16:35 Switch to shot of a small group of people arguing. 20:30 Video ends…. Continue reading

  • [Jane Byrne’s Easter at Cabrini raw #2]

    [Jane Byrne’s Easter at Cabrini raw #2]

    00:00 Continuation of footage of Byrne and entourage walking through the festival. They arrive at a carousel and Byrne rides it with some children and a lot of photographers. Afterwards, she and her group leave. 04:58 Cut to a small protest, where about 20 demonstrators are shouting, “we need jobs, not eggs!” Two police offers come over, and the demonstrators transition to shouting “Jane Byrne is Ku Klux Klan!” 06:35 Sudd… Continue reading


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