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  • American Roots Music Chicago

    American Roots Music Chicago

    …cause of the quality of the blacks who came. They came here for a better life.” Cut to an archival lithograph of the Chicago stockyards. Studs Terkel narrates: “The stockyards were there, the steel mills were there, the Chicago Defender–the most famous of all African American newspapers. That was the means of communication. That was how the sharecroppers heard about Chicago.” 2:39 Cut to a photograph of the front page of t… Continue reading

  • Ngoma Dance and Voyager 2 Encounters Jupiter

    Ngoma Dance and Voyager 2 Encounters Jupiter

    00:00 Ngoma Dance, an image processing work in which the movements of dancers are transformed into vividly colorful abstract patterns.  10:16 End credits. 10:24 Voyager 2 Encounters Jupiter, a computer simulation produced by NASA/JPL  13:20 End credits…. Continue reading

  • CBS 2 Chicago (WBBM-TV): Carol Marin’s Last Broadcast, October 30th, 2000

    CBS 2 Chicago (WBBM-TV): Carol Marin’s Last Broadcast, October 30th, 2000

    00:07 CBS 2 Chicago graphic. Camera opens on anchor Carol Marin, who introduces reporter Kyung Lah for a story on a currently developing teacher’s strike in Proviso Township, Illinois.  00:36 Footage of Proviso East biology teacher Dave Suter punching holes in picket signs. Suter says: “No, we don’t want to be on strike, we want to be in the classroom…I mean, it was very hard saying goodbye to the students today.” … Continue reading

  • Atkins #3

    Atkins #3

    …kins tells about a time when he went New Orleans to play for the Saints and had the dog with him. He explains that Sports Illustrated had come by to interview him, but the bulldog made the front page of the magazine. Atkins discusses the nature of story embellishment, how after a story is told so many times, people may have a tendency to exaggerate certain details. 15:03 When asked if he is the same person he was years ago, Atkins says, “I… Continue reading

  • Leslie Fiedler #3

    Leslie Fiedler #3

    00:00 Continued from Tape 15283. Static. 00:14 The interviewer talks about Leslie Fiedler’s recent travels, and Ternopil, in Western Ukraine, where is grandparents were from. “It’s difficult to get there. You need a special Visa. Everything in Russia is made just a little bit more difficult than it needs to be. I went with my wife. She was scared.” He said crossing the border, the tourist in front of us had a copy of Der… Continue reading

  • Watch It!, episode 105-3

    Watch It!, episode 105-3

    01:10 Nazareth’s Smoking Lounge. Cigar afficionados in Beverly Hills. These men sit around in one of their last havens for cigar smoking. They talk about these unfair restrictions that have been placed upon them and their opinions on the crassness of cigarrette smoking. By Jay April. 10:11 Music video for the song “Hollywood Handshake (OK…Bubbye)” by Bianca Miller. 12:44 Robert Demella, New York taxi driver, talks about t… Continue reading

  • Message to the Grass Roots: Police Abuse: Myth or Reality, part 3

    Message to the Grass Roots: Police Abuse: Myth or Reality, part 3

    00:01 Color bars. Tape information. 1:30 “Message to the Grass Roots with Michael Zinzun: “Police Abuse: Myth or Reality Part 3” Guests: David Lynn, John Burton, Don Jackson, Mafundi Jitahadi, and  He introduces his guests and gives an outline of the show. 4:30 Jitahadi speaks about his experience fighting against police with the Civilian Police Review Board. He describes how the board works and problems they fight against.  9:… Continue reading

  • Watch It!, episode 104-3

    Watch It!, episode 104-3

    This episode is devoted to Chicago politics. 01:07 Campaign commercial for Jane Byrne. 01:37 Campaign commercial for Richard M. Daley. 02:07 Campaign commercial for Harold Washington. 02:37 An excerpt from “Impressions of Harold,” a documentary featuring super-8mm footage of Harold Washington over his sound-bites. Filmed during Washington’s candidacy for mayor. 23:16 Commercial for Gold Coast Dogs. 23:47 Les Brown commercial. 2Continue reading


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