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  • [Mancow 6/14/95: Nathan camera #2]

    [Mancow 6/14/95: Nathan camera #2]

    0:00 Static. 0:24 Video resumes from previous tape of Turd, an associate of Mancow, driving to Chicago Heights to play a pick-up game of football with fans forcing them to use pig heads instead of footballs in order to win prizes. There is no audio in this first bit while in the car. 2:05 Audio begins. The Mancow Morning Madhouse is playing on the radio. 6:21 Turd arrives at the Joe Orr Woods in Chicago Heights and meets Mancow fans there. Soon… Continue reading

  • [NYC violence moratorium meeting part 2, and March to United Nations in New York part 1]

    [NYC violence moratorium meeting part 2, and March to United Nations in New York part 1]

    …ifficult to make out. Benevides makes a few remarks about the need for the community to unite against police “terrorists.” Benevides shares a story about a police officer mortally wounding an unarmed teenager. “And as the kid was raising off the ground, and he’s shot, and in trauma, and bleeding from the back, and his guts, and his arms, then the policeman came up on him and shot him in the back of the head… That&#82… Continue reading

  • [Veeck Pix #2]

    [Veeck Pix #2]

    00:00 Silent footage of Bill Veeck in his garden, intercut with some shots of still photos. 18:22 End of tape…. Continue reading

  • [Mary Frances Veeck #2]

    [Mary Frances Veeck #2]

    00:06 Black screen with a time code. Audio of Mary Frances Veeck in the middle of an anecdote. 00:30 Mary Frances discusses being flexible in both her career and in her marriage to Bill Veeck. Specifically, how she raised their children on the move. “We moved ten times the first eleven years we were married.” 2:09 The boys were born when they were on the ranch, each delivery took six hours. The girls were born in the city, and each d… Continue reading

  • [Bill Veeck #2 at O’Sullivans]

    [Bill Veeck #2 at O’Sullivans]

    00:00 Bars. 01:20 Bill Veeck drinks a beer at O’Sullivan’s, filming the pilot for the Mr. Bill Show. He discusses the question of who are the best athletes. 04:17 Veeck discusses selling the White Sox, and the glut of baseball teams that are for sale. He says it’s because players run the game now, not owners. “Marvin Miller is the commissioner of baseball; Bowie Kuhn is the commissioner of whom?” 06:53 Veeck discuss… Continue reading

  • [Making It in Hollywood raw: Dr. John #2]

    [Making It in Hollywood raw: Dr. John #2]

    00:00 The tape begins with footage of Dr. John and Ronee Blakley singing at the piano, surrounded by partygoers. Actress Sally Kirkland also sings with those performing. This lasts for several minutes. 05:22 Cut to an interview with a young girl named Gwenevere. She talks about her work in the film world and performs a dance number for the camera. This lasts for several minutes. 08:12 Cut to a short interview with a Hollywood actor. He talks abo… Continue reading

  • [Five Day Bicycle Race raw: Another Day #2]

    [Five Day Bicycle Race raw: Another Day #2]

    00:00 This tape begins with a blue screen. 00:22 Fade in to a shot of a New York City street. The camera operator gathers several different shots. 02:19 Cut to a shot of a walk sign. The camera operator gathers several shots. 03:07 Cut to a shot of a mailbox in front of the Kitty Kelly Executive Offices. This is followed by other shots of the surrounding area. The camera operator gets a few shots of cars on the street, a motorcycle, a parking me… Continue reading

  • [Mancow 6/14/95: Andrew camera #2]

    [Mancow 6/14/95: Andrew camera #2]

    0:00 This is a continuation of a broadcast of the Rock 103.5 Mancow’s Morning Madhouse started in a previous tape. 7:19 Mancow and his co-host talk with the camera in between talking on air. 12:35 The show continues. 21:42 Mancow talks with the camera again while music is playing on the station. 24:08 The talk part of the show resumes. 35:13 The camera talks with Mancow during a break and they talk about how he goes after other radio shows… Continue reading


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