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  • [The 90’s West for Show #203]

    Includes Hemp: Scenes from a Smoke-In (2:23), The Pope on Marijuana (1:58), Johnny Marijuana Seed: Seeding the Highway (:36), Build a House of Hemp (1:22), Medical Benefits (1:00), Fiber of Hemp (2:00), From Save the Whales to Ice Cream (1:18); The Dead Are Not Dead – Xylophone Man (2:05), Urine Test (3:22)… Continue reading

  • [Bill Veeck on Late Night with David Letterman]

    [Bill Veeck on Late Night with David Letterman]

    00:01 Raw footage of Tom Weinberg, producer of Image Union, introducing the documentary “Death in the West,” produced in 1976, about the dangers of cigarette smoking. Various outtakes needed in response to mis-speaks, wind, church bells, buses, car horns, the El. 6:40 Tom Weinberg doing the same introduction inside. Outtakes. 11:45 Static. 13:00 Beginning of Late Night with David Letterman. Applause. 13:20 Opening monologue. 16:10 Ha… Continue reading

  • [Tba comedy pilot rough cut]

    [Tba comedy pilot rough cut]

    …in the Diner talk to two writers about potentially show ideas. They go back to the British television show. 16:00 More British Television comedy. 17:55 Joe and Miriam joke around in the diner about coming up with a newer pretentious-sounding menu. The two writers walk out and introduce a segment of outtakes from Soundstage. 18:50 Outtake from a Kris Kristofferson episode of Soundstage (joke). Joke about Kissinger (Mantegna) on next week’s… Continue reading

  • [Bye Bye Basil #3]

    [Bye Bye Basil #3]

    0:00 Neil Hardigan on stage talking about Basil Talbott. 1:40 Michael H, the emcee, introduces George Ryan. 2:00 George Ryan takes stage and reads letter from James Thompson, Governor of Illinois. 3:35 Michael returns to stage and introduces Bob Page, publisher of the Sun-Times. 4:10 Page takes stage. 5:30 Michael returns to stage and introduces Harold Washington, Mayor of Chicago. 7:00 Harold Washington takes stage and relates some anecdotes an… Continue reading

  • [Studs Terkel on sports, part 1]

    [Studs Terkel on sports, part 1]

    00:00 Color bars and tone. 00:37 Cut to a shot of Terkel waiting for the interview to begin. 00:47 The interviewer asks Terkel about his opinion on Bill Veeck, the legendary Major League Baseball promoter and owner. Terkel talks very highly of Veeck. “To me he was the last of the independent spirits in sports itself, certainly baseball.” Terkel then recalls his time spent with Veeck at Miller’s Pub in Chicago. “What I lov… Continue reading

  • [Chicago Slices raw: rare books seller]

    [Chicago Slices raw: rare books seller]

    …mmercial. You can not manufacture a rarity out of obvious materials. You can just have a bunch of cards printed and signed. They are not real rarities because they were manufactured. A real rarity would be something like Jordon’s signed report card from when he was 12-years-old. He notes that last year he sold a page of homemade arithmetic that Abraham Lincoln wrote out about age 15. Lincoln wrote at the bottom of the page: “Abe Linco… Continue reading

  • [Nuns and Retirement]

    [Nuns and Retirement]

    0:11 Video opens on a nuns hand on a cane. 0:50 Sister Mary Eugene and Sister Mary Rogers interviewed. Sister Mary Eugene is 80 years old. She entered the covenant in 1945. Teacher until she was 72. 3:43 The video transitions to show a nun seated in a hallway. 4:38 The video returns back to the interview. Sister Mary Rogers talks about their presence both nationally and internationally. She claims there are 6 provinces in which sisters or nuns r… Continue reading

  • [FALN on TV News]

    [FALN on TV News]

    …shown through court drawings. Defendants did not recognize the court. Did not identify themselves, ripped the papers of indictment, refused to enter plea. Succeeding trial set February 3. 3:30 Another reporter discussing murder of Mary Kretchmer. Strangled to death in Chicago Tribune offices. Police holding 16 year old boy who worked as a janitor in the building. Claims he struggled with Mary’s attacker but story does not match facts, poli… Continue reading


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