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  • [Bill Veeck Night #2]

    [Bill Veeck Night #2]

    01:00 Rich King speaks with Bob Elson, the legendary sportscaster for the White Sox for many years. Elson speaks with admiration about Veeck, noting that their careers parallel each other. 02:50 Announcer Bill Finnegan introduces the truck carrying “30 tons a day,” which is the title of his book chronicling his time running Suffolk Downs, a horse racing track in Boston. 04:20 Harry Caray on the field with Billy Martin, the manager of…

  • [The 90s Election Specials raw: Clinton at Beasley School #2]

    [The 90s Election Specials raw: Clinton at Beasley School #2]

    00:00 Black. 00:36 Clinton answers questions from students. One young girl asks, “If you become president, will you take good care of our future and our country?” Clinton explains his plan for the economy and system for loans. 04:30 A man asks about how Clinton will address drugs, but the camera cuts and instead records some of the parents and students. Clinton continues to discuss issues in the background. Videomaker Andrew Jones br…

  • [The 90s Election Specials raw: Gus Savage Rally #2]

    [The 90s Election Specials raw: Gus Savage Rally #2]

    00:00 A man onstage leads the crowd in singing songs such as “Amazing Grace,” as they cheer, clap and wave Gus Savage signs. 04:00 Justice R. Eugene Pincham goes onstage to endorse Gus Savage and to express doubts over Mel Reynolds’ reports of death threats. He deconstructs, point by point, Reynolds’ description of a supposed drive-by shooting. 17:19 Reverend Willie Barrow briefly endorses Gus Savage and Carol Moseley Bra…

  • [Substitute Teachers Meeting 1973, part 2]

    [Substitute Teachers Meeting 1973, part 2]

    00:00 A woman in mid-sentence complains that she is trying, but half the people there aren’t trying. Pam Rose complains that the teachers and students alike don’t care, they both arrive just minutes before class starts and are ready to leave as the final bell rings. Where’s the commitment? 01:34 “What kind of commitment do you have?” another woman asks, noting that “you’ll get screwed the minute you step…

  • [Where’s I.W. Abel? raw #9: Mike Olszanski part 2]

    [Where’s I.W. Abel? raw #9: Mike Olszanski part 2]

    00:00 Mike Olszanski’s introduction continued from tape 15291 (takes one, two, and three). Olzanki begins take four. “The American Steelworkers’ right to strike is being sold out, and we won’t take it lying down. Let’s look back and see how this most basic workers’ right is being lost and what we can do to win it back. For several years there have been secret meetings between I.W. Abel…” 00:22 Take…

  • [Eye Contact #2]

    0:00 Start. 0:59 Clips of TV shows: Dragnet, Suspense, I Love Lucy, Twilight Zone, Honeymooners, The Outer Limits, Father Knows Best, Shindig, The Lone Ranger, Playhouse 90, Baseball. Narrator talks about television opening eyes to new experiences. 1:19 Narrator talks about TV technology changes, with introduction of “Proton” –whites whiter, blacks darker, problems of overscan reduced. Demonstration of new technologies in vario…

  • [Sedona] – Feminist Porn: Gynamite, #2

    [Sedona] – Feminist Porn: Gynamite, #2

    0:00 Open on woman packing up to move. 00:57 Shots from inside a car driving down a highway on a pretty day in Sedona. The videomaker, Judith Binder, and the driver chat about the area. They see several landmarks. Shots of the scenery of Sedona continue for some time. Another woman enters the shots and they continue to sightsee. They look at an art piece called “Morality-Mortality.” 36:22 Feminist Porn starts and we are only shown th…

  • [Wired In raw #102: Lily Tomlin #2]

    [Wired In raw #102: Lily Tomlin #2]

    00:31 Footage begins after color bars. Portrait shot of Lily Tomlin, in some shots holding a quarter, talking to the crew. 00:53 Take 1. Tomlin does half the script, then discusses doing the full spoof PSA with someone off camera whose voice is unintelligible. 01:41 Take 2. In the full take, Tomlin ends with a long pause, says “You’re not rolling now, are you?” then begins playing Pac-Man on an arcade console. 04:25 Tomlin star…


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