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  • [New York to San Francisco Second Day 2]

    [New York to San Francisco Second Day 2]

    00:00 The interviewer Ken is in the middle of a conversation with a young man in a tie and sunglasses about New York. The camera roams around the crowd as a harmonica plays. After saying that New York “is a nice place to visit” he shrugs at Ken’s subsequent questions about messages for San Francisco.  00:45 A blond young man leans into the microphone to deliver a harsh message to his deadbeat father who’s living on Howard…

  • [Air Pollution: Bridge & Tunnel Workers 2]

    [Air Pollution: Bridge & Tunnel Workers 2]

    00:00 Tony, a union rep for bridge and tunnel workers, details the frustrating history of their efforts over the previous decade to get adequate, reliable testing of air pollution on their health, a story that includes Mayor Lindsay, prominent local doctors, and the Mafia.  05:16 Tony talks about improvements to air quality that they’ve been asking for. He points out that the highest concentration of carbon monoxide surrounds the bridge an…

  • [Electronic Masks 2]

    [Electronic Masks 2]

    Raw image processing footage used in the video Electronic Masks, created using the Sandin Image Processor. …

  • [Barbara Sykes and Dan Sandin, September 22, 1977 1 of 2]

    [Barbara Sykes and Dan Sandin, September 22, 1977 1 of 2]

    Colorful abstract patterns created using the Sandin Image Processor….

  • [Environmental Symmetry 2]

    [Environmental Symmetry 2]

    Raw image processing footage produced as part of a multi-monitor interactive installation at the Woodfield Shopping Mall….

  • [Desire: Julie’s Mother 2]

    [Desire: Julie’s Mother 2]

    …r Margit sit in silence, waiting for the crew to prepare the shot.  01:05 Julie discusses the relationship of shame and taboo to sexuality in their household, and how that has affected her life and her work.  06:07 Julie talks with her mother about why she had sex at such a young age without using protection, and then why she decided to have an abortion. She was, she said, desperate for male attention.  09:04 The effects of Julie’s father&#…

  • [We Are Many, We Are O.N.E. 2]

    [We Are Many, We Are O.N.E. 2]

    00:15 Chicago Housing Authority officer Zirl Smith addresses the audience, speaking about the fairness of CHA applications. “I’m surprised you would even ask that question. We’re very fair people.” 04:30 An audience member asks about the amount of subsidized housing that will be made available. Smith says that he cannot answer. But he offers to send a letter following up on the confirmed units.  06:25 A woman stands up an…

  • [Jake #2]

    [Jake #2]

    00:002 Jake, a little boy of about 3, talks to his father and wanders around the living room as his father sets up the camera. Jake looks through the camera as his father mugs for him. His father shows him the workings of the camera and the recording equipment.  04:32 Jake and his father look through the camera together until Jake decides o ride his tricycle around the room.  08:32 Jake’s mother works in the kitchen. A diaper clad Jake mov…


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